14th Jul2004

Bloggin’ Backlash!

by Will

“Show Me The Funny”

So, I’ve been sitting here, staring at the screen, wondering, “What the fuck?” How did we get here? The other day, I’m celebrating my blog anniversary, next thing I know, I’m in the middle of a Bill Maher siutation. This thing used to be funny, but now it’s way too politically charged. No more!

Long story short, the last blog entry was directed at my webmistress over a conversation our “circle” had been having. Apparently, I hit a nerve, and my last post was a response to a post on her site.

Anyway, one of you out there felt that I was talking directly to you. Well, I wasn’t. (If you’re wondering what I mean by this, read my guestbook). Anyway, someone out there is lecturing me on freedom of speech and the freedom to express opinions. Well, that’s all nice and good, but that’s not exactly what our little argument was about. So, whoever you are, I don’t know who you are. I guess you thought I should, but I don’t. Sorry. So, I hope you feel either vindicated or stupid. Regardless, this is what happens when an A & B conversation becomes public; C ya later. Whoever you are, if you really want to confront me, e-mail me. You claim to know me, so I guess you know how that e-mail thing works…

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…