04th Sep2004

Tired Of Being The Nice Guy

by Will

My profile on thefacebook.com contains the following quote by Harvey Pekar:

“When I was younger, I thought about women constantly. I was always running around looking for a good time. Now I’ve matured, my priorities have changed. I’m aware of what’s really important: Crushing My Enemies.”

People always laugh at this and say, “Wow, Will! You sure are weird/funny!” Well, what most people don’t know is I’m a spiteful so-and-so! I wholeheartedly agree with this quote. I am a vengeful person, and I hold a grudge like no other.

As I reflect back on life, I think back to all the people who say, “Wow, Will’s so nice” or “Will’s so funny” or “Will’s so sweet”!

Yes, I realize most of you are asking, “What’s wrong with that? Those are all compliments!” Well, if you noticed, I wrote that people usually WRITE ME OFF with those statements. It’s a way for them to validate the whole “Will’s safe territory” mindset they’ve got. This is why I’m not appealing to girls. Or seen as “one of the guys”.

If they only knew what really went on in my head. How I’d love to hear, “Wow, Will stepped on my entrails as I gurgled for life” or “Did you see how far Will kicked that kitten?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go buy a black trench coat or anything. I guess I’d just like to not be seen as “safe”. I don’t think of myself as such, so why do other people?