04th Sep2004

H&M Bonding

by Will

Today was so weird at work because it suddenly turned into a sleepover gossip session. Not like that, but I mean the stockroom turned into an episode of SATC as me and the gals started trading relationship stories. Actually, very little “trading” was done on my part. I just egged them on to tell me their business. I love how that works…

Anyway, I learned more about those women than I’d ever known before, especially the quiet ones. I heard stories of sitcom-like proposals, several druggie exboyfriends, and several drunken mornings-after. I kinda feel closer to a lot of them than I did before.

And yes, I shared. it was only fair. I recounted a story that I haven’t told in awhile, and it wasn’t really easy to tell today. I kinda glossed over some stuff, but the gist was still there. Not sure if they gained any insight on me, but hey, it was there for their approval.

What story did I tell them? Well, you haven’t earned that yet. You see, I’ve never posted about it directly, and it’s not time yet. If you know me, then you know what I’m talking about. For those of you random site visitors in Paraguay, you’re gonna have to wait a bit. One day, oh we’re gonna have a big honking expose on the matter, but for now, it’s not the right time. Stay tuned….