05th Sep2004

I’ve Been Blogjacked!

by Will

OK, now I’m freaking out! My life is turning into an episode of “The Outer Limits”. First, no one was answering my calls. Now, now it’s like I don’t exist!

A little backstory: Before williambrucewest.com was created, I had the blog entitled “The World According To A Russian Exchange Student”. It was just your standard blog on a template. Well, I figured I’d still kinda have it existing on the side, while this site got the bulk of my attention.

Well, when I went to check on my first-born, I found this:


Can they do this?!!! They just reassign blog addresses like phone numbers? How long has this been going on? Well, apparently, since May 19, 2004. But why was I not told of this?!!! Who is this guy, and why are people trying to erase my existence?!!!