13th Sep2004

Yay! New Season Of Syndicated TV!

by Will

Well, here it is, folks! September 13th. As any pop culture aficionado knows, today is the beginning of the syndicated television season. Forget all the network hype surrounding “Joey” and “The Apprentice” and “Lost”. Today brings us new episodes of “elimiDATE”, “Blind Date”, “Ambush Makeover” and “Starting Over.”

For the UPN crowd, “Girlfriends” is now five days a week. It’s Black-tastic! Or is it Black-tacular? Either way, it’s Black…

There are a couple of new shows that won’t make it to Christmas, like “The Tony Danza Show”, “The Larry Elder Show”, and “Live Like A Star.” if history’s taught us anything, shows named after their star tend not to last long. It’s almost like they didn’t try:

“What are we gonna call this thing?”

“I dunno….what’s the dude’s name?” ”

“Tony Danza…”


“You know…he’s the guy who’s the boss…’


“No, the ‘other boss.’ You know…’Angela…Mona…Jonathan…Saman-ta..’ C’mon, he used to say, ‘A-oh, Oh-A!'”

“Yeah…whatever…we’ll just call it the Tony Banta show, then.”

“‘Danza’…’Tony Danza’..”


On a side note, I know this is a talk show, but has Tony Danza EVER played a character NOT named ‘Tony’? It’s like they were afraid he’d forget his lines if he had to answer to any name other than his own. Anyway…

Some old pros are back, like Dr. Phil and Oprah. Speaking of Oprah, you know that crazy bitch gave every member of today’s studio audience a NEW CAR?!!! That’s one crazy bitch…

But, as with all syndicated seasons, some shows must die so that others may live. This Fall, we say goodbye to “On Air: with Ryan Seacrest”, “Ricki Lake”, “Ex-Treme Dating”, and “The 5th Wheel”.

So, take a sick day from work, stay up real late at night, or set your Tivo, ’cause the syndy season is off and running!