18th Sep2004

Well, I Know How To Pronounce “Ryu”

by Will

I can be such an inappropriate dork, but sometimes I just can’t help it..

Today, a girl came to the register, and as I swiped her card, I noticed her name was “Xiaxou”.

“How do you pronounce that?” I asked.

“ZI-zoo,” she responded.

“Now, I know!” I exclaimed.

She looked at me funny.

“Well, ya see,” I explained, “there’s this video game character whose name is spelled the same way, and I’ve been trying pronounce it for years…”

She looked at me, uncomfortably…

“…Tekken,” I stammered. “The game is ‘Tekken’…in case you were wondering. Well, have a good day…”

“…thanks…” And she quickly walked away. Actually, she performed a 16-hit combo on me. THEN, she walked away…

Oh well, at least I learned something 😛