19th Sep2004

Westman: Disassembled Teaser

by Will

Wow…this is post #250. It’s seems that celebration is in order. Unfortunately, I’m too tired. i’ve been working 14-hr days, and I haven’t the energy to blog. So, I leave you with a teaser for the next episode: “Westman: Disassembled!”

“What happens when H&M’s Unreliables skip work? Who will bear the burden? Will it be our hero, Will? And what’s this talk of him on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Add in a shoplifter, missing managers, and a power outage, and you’ve got the setting for “Westman: Disassembled!” Oh yeah, did we also mention that a tornado’s headed straight for H&M? Stay tuned, because just when you think things can’t get any worse…they do!”