26th Sep2004

H&M: Not As Exciting As I Try To Make It Sound

by Will

OK, confession time. Despite the teaser and the anticipation, there will be no follow-up to “Westman: Disassembled”. In my “Dan Rather moment”, I must say that as exciting as the whole thing sounded, I couldn’t, for the life of me, find a way to make a whole entry as entertaining as the teaser made it out to be. Yeah, the Unrealibles didn’t show, and I had to work their hours. Big whoop! It happens every other day. Yeah, there was a power outage, which lasted for about 3 minutes. The shoplifter got away, and while there was a tornado, it came nowhere near H&M. But I sure had ya going, didn’t I? Anyway, it WAS an exciting time, but over the past week, the anxiety has worn off, and I can’t really remember what was so thrilling about it. So, we’re gonna scrap that “episode” and come up with something better. This experience will just teach me to stop predicting life, and only post it when it happens. So, with that in mind, stay tuned for the NEW “Westman: Disassembled”. Same theme, different vibe…(yeah, I don’t really learn from my mistakes, but the coming tale’s a doozy!)