06th Oct2004

First Family Missed Connections

by Will

So, my new hobby is reading the Missed Connections on Craigslist.org. These things are just too funny sometimes. But guess what I found the other night. First, I have to give Wonkette credit for pointing it out ’cause I just kinda skimmed it the first time i read it. So, look closely to what I mean…

“Secret G-town bar – w4m – 22

Reply to: anon-44420088@craigslist.org

Date: 2004-10-03, 11:18PM EDT

You walked through the hidden iron doors on Saturday night looking very dapper in your suit. It looked like you were with your family, possibly siblings. A pair of twins, perhaps? That runs in my family, too. I watched you talk about mail order frogs with some floosie. I wanted to share my love for amphibians with you as well, but it is so difficult with the secret service always following me around. Will we meet again on the corner of Wisconsin and O?

this is in or around Georgetown”

It’s one of W’s daughters! Those twins use Craigslist to find their crushes! This is just too sad/cool! Man, I’ll bet Chelsea never resorted to anything like this. Then again, Chelsea was kind of a dog back then…