10th Oct2004

John Byrne Thinks Sue Storm Is A Whore

by Will

So, John Byrne, who along with Chris Claremont, was a member of the most influential X-Men creative team, is weighing in on the casting of Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in the “Fantastic Four” movie:


Above is the link to his forum, but the main quote that’s gotten everyone riled up is this:

“Personal prejudice: Hispanic and Latino women with blond hair look like hookers to me, no matter how clean or “cute” they are. Somehow those skin tones that look so good with dark, dark hair just don’t work for me with lighter shades. Like I said — personal prejudice.”

So far, all the white fanboys are agreeing with him, yet the minorities are offended. For anyone new to this, comics is just as prejudiced a hobby a golfing. Your stereotypical fanboy is some pasty, antisocial white kid living in his parents’ basement. Now, the audience HAS gotten more diverse over time, but we’ve still gotta deal with stuff like this getting around. Yeah, he’s entitled to his opinion, but it’s a shame he’s so…careless with it. It’s like he doesn’t realize how bad this statement sounds. And, as always, everybody’s chiming in with “I agree with The Master!” Well, “The Master” has a history of rubbing his colleagues the wrong way, and I fear this is gonna alienate many fans, as well…