28th Oct2004

H&M Training Not In Philly After All

by Will

“Westman: Disassembled” Update

Previously on Westman: Our hero had learned that, while he was on track to become the new store administrator, Will’s training destination would no longer be The City of Brotherly Love. Which is probably good, ’cause he didn’t need any more rumors and theories concerning him…and love…and brothers. So, where would Will be spending his days & nights in November? Would he still make his per diem, enabling him to get out of debt? Would Lindsay Lohan make a good live-action “Kim Possible”? Find out the answers to most of these questions now!

Cue theme song & opening credits (you know, I actually DID compose a theme song a few years back…crap, that was probably something I should’ve kept to myself. Crap, I think they can still hear us, Will. Must stop type-thinking…)

So, it turns out that I’ll be going back to Tysons Corner after all. But don’t fret. The proletariat has won, for I will be receiving my per diem and hotel stay. So, it’s like being on vacation at home. I mean, YES, it will be hard work. And I’m excited about learning new and important things. But it’s also some time away from my house, where I can sort of get back to how I lived in college.

Plus, as excited as I was about Philly, I just kinda wanted to see where the Real World kids hung out!

So, I’m gonna kick back and accept that “everything happens for a reason”. Ain’t it funny that we only subscribe to adages like these when things are going well? Anyway, I trust that this is for the best…