09th Dec2004

James, Did You Kill Jenn and Not Tell Anybody?

by Will

So, I’m starting to think Jenn’s dead. For you newbies, Jenn is my friend & webmistress. Why is she dead? Here’s the evidence:

1) She hasn’t updated her blog in 3 weeks

2) I haven’t really spoken to her on the phone in AGES

3) Her boyfriend, James, is really down these days

4) All messages to and from her are channeled through James

Can anyone say “Laci Peterson”? Don’t worry, Jenn! I’ll start combing through landfills and I’m gonna bring James to justice! Somebody better call Johnny Cochrane..

Looks like I’m gonna have e-beef on both sides now…

Speaking of “e-beef”, I’ve got to say that Tarek is giving me a run for my money. While he’ll never steal my fanbase with that livejournal thing of his, he’s got some good topics. I’m kicking myself for not having thought of “Chicken Run” myself. Very clever. Touche, mine adversary. Touche, indeed…