22nd Jan2005

Good Times With Davis

by Will

“That gay albino is hitting on your not-girlfriend!”

So, yesterday was a cavalcade of fun, I’ll tell ya. Due to my total miscalculation of hours, I got cut cut from work early ’cause I made my 40 by 11:30. What happened next? Shopping and drinkin’! And it was good.

Spent several hours at Dave & Busters with Shelly and our co-workers. It was actually a great time. Bonded with new folks, and revealed secrets to others. Can’t remember the last time I started drinking at 1 in the afternoon, but it was a welcome change of pace after the week this has been.

Afterwards, went back to Shelly’s and helped her clean for her college friends who’re visiting this weekend. You know what’s weird? I realized I wash everyone’s dishes but my own! I’ve washed Lip’s dishes, Shel’s dishes, probably washed a dish or two at James & Jenn’s, but it is not something I do at home. Just find that weird…

So, after leaving Shelly’s, I THOUGHT I was going home, but Davis returned my call, and the next thing I knew, he was picking me up at Wheaton Metro. We ended up at Savannah’s. What to say about Savannah’s? Well, I can say it sure was surprising finding a redneck bar in Kensington, ’cause that’s EXACTLY what it was.

But for the record, Dave Murphy is a fucking laugh riot. The guy’s a character. By the time we get there, he’s already had 4 Seven & Seven’s (my signature drink, so he’s already racking up cool points). This girl comes in, he points right at her, and says, “I’d totally have sex with her.” The point lingered even after the declaration. We crack up, and we’re like, “Dude, you just can’t point at people!” Anyway, we drank, Davis offended some guy who had picked up some Camelot strippers, and we ended up back at Davis’s, passing out to some anime (Spriggin, for those who care). All-in-all, it was a fun, yet low-key night.

Quote of the evening: “I’ve never had a Big mac before…I’m so excited! (pause) I wish these Mexicans would hurry the fuck up!”

-Davis, in the McDonalds drive-thru as he anticipates the loss his Big Mac Virginity