09th Feb2005

Not Really Feeling Smallville…

by Will

“Ya, all actors are gay…or robots…or gay robots…”

I just can’t get into “Smallville” anymore. First off, kryptonite does nothing but make Clark an asshole. It has no real life-threatening effects. “Clark just punched out the cafeteria lady!” Don’t worry; probably just kryptonite.

Also, just saw an episode where he’s all brooding ’cause he gave up his football scholarship. Dude, you’re gonna be fucking SUPERMAN!!! Get over it. I WISH I had those kinds of problems! I’m destined to be BUS DRIVERMAN, and that’s only if I finally get my license…


Calm down, Will….not real people….

Sorry, it’s Wednesday, which is like Geek Christmas (Where my comic peeps at?)

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