19th Jun2005

The Father of Reappropriate Crossovers

by Will

“There will be a reckoning…A CRISIS!”

So, I’ve just made my blog rounds, checking in on the e-friends, and I came across Jenn’s blog .

Now, if you’ve been following my net presence, you’ll know that I have a tendency to cultivate e-beef. For the most part, it’s all in good fun, such as my “Jenn’s new design is anime…again” post from a few days ago. Whatever, I’m sure she got what i was doing, and everything was fine.

But, things got worse. She went on this rant about Fathers Day and the greeting card companies, and I went off. Then, I scroll down, and she’s baring her soul about all her beef with her dad.

Now, I DO feel that it’s a shame that they can’t work their stuff out, ’cause it’s clear that it hurts her . Neither of us can understand where the other is coming from on this topic, nor would we strive to at the moment. If you want the whole story, read her blog (www.reappropriate.com), but it TRULY is sad that she has to go through so much stress and pain because of her parents. And I don’t know what she’s going through. Not to minimize the situation, though she’ll probably take it as such, but I just threw out another lens from which she could view the situation. In any event, my whole “calm down and enjoy the fucking dip” stance is gonna earn me the flaming of a lifetime. Wait for it…