03rd Aug2005

Probably Not The Last Time I’ll Talk About “Craigslit”

by Will

“I’m gonna have you sweatin’ like Jessica Simpson takin’ the SATs!”

Can you believe that “craigslit.org” isn’t taken yet? I mean, someone is missing a GOLDEN porno opportunity there! Especially with the prevalence of dyslexia and poor spelling. Syntax mistakes alone will bring in 40% of the site’s traffic.

Apparently, there’s a notice saying that it’s “coming soon”, but if it’s not porn, it’s going to be such a waste! That’s a gift horse, people! Stop looking it in the mouth. All of the good URLs are taken, and there are these, just sitting there, waiting to be the butt of jokes. Now, someone’s going to miss out on a vast porno empire because they just weren’t using their thinkers. Why, oh why, must I think of everything?