26th Mar2006

The Girls of True.com Are Gonna Get Me Fired

by Will

“A mouth’s a mouth!”

The girls of True.com are gonna get me fired.

You see, I’ve got this problem of signing on to myspace while at work. I know I’m not supposedto, but I get bored, and the next thing I know, I’m stalking people I haven’tspoken to in 10 yrs. But to make matters worse, it’s hard to be inconspicuous, since the site’s borders are plastered with the hottie hots of True.com. There’s the Mexican looking chick with the blue lacey bra. There’s that brunette chick. And, my personal fave, there’s the chick in the red shirt and the little shorts who’s opening her blinds or something. Mmm…but I digress. There’s no way to visit this site without getting in trouble.

And sure, I could sign off if anybody came by, but that just makes matters worse. You see, when you sign off, you get a FULL PAGE True ad as your sign-off screen. And those are even worse than the banner ads on myspace. Right now, they’re rotating between the weird goth chick in the patriotic bikini and that blond chick in the pink bathing suit who looks like she’s 12. I swear, a person could get in some serious trouble looking at that shit!

I mean, it would be one thing if I were perving it up on True.com, but that is not the case. Sure, I guess, knowing what I know, I should just stay off myspace at work. But there’s no fun in that. So, for now, I’m just gonna live in fear that the girls of True are gonna get me fired.