03rd Jul2006

Why Are You Running Away…On Your Blogs?

by Will

“Papa Spank!”

So, I’m starting to feel like the Ted McGinley of blogs. I think I’ve written this before, but Ted McGinley is known as a “show killer”; every show he’s added to, with the exception of “Married..with Children”, is canceled soon after his addition to the cast. See also: “Rena Sofer” (go ahead, IMDB her. I’ll wait). Well, I’m starting to feel that I’ve taken on that role regarding blog threads.

Many people may not know, but I’d really like a comic friend (cue audience “aww” sound). That may sound lame, but people like to surround themselves with people with similar interests. When I was a trekkie, I had my trekkies. Now, I’d really like someone on my comic level.

Now, I’m not trying to be all arrogant about it when I say “my level”, but it’s no secret that I’ve sublimated a LOT of social angst into learning about this medium. I’d simply like to meet another current/former social outcast with a similar love of comics.

Well, lately, I’ve tried to take James’s advice. He always said, “Well, if you want to increase readership, you have to comment on other people’s blogs.” I’m not exactly an extrovert, but it’s a faceless, painless process, so I went for it. But I swear, every time I comment on a post, it’s either ignored and/or kills the thread.

I kid you not. Go over to Dave’s Long Box. Head over to Written World. Check out Seven Hells or The Absorbascon. Even the Marvel boards. Peruse the comment threads. I’m some kind of blogging pariah.

And it’s not like I have stupid things to say. I engage in the conversation. I offer intelligent points and counterpoints. I’m not some novice when it comes to comics. I’ve been in this game for 14 years! Sure, I may not be the ultimate fanboy, but this is really starting to suck.

Now, I don’t want pity comments or anything from this. It’s just an observation. I don’t blame the owners of the blogs; I LOVE those sites, and wouldn’t visit them if I didn’t. But who do you have to sleep with to get some attention on a comics blog? Two main exceptions come to mind: Ragnell was welcoming during “lurking week” and I had quite an enjoyable tete-a-tete with Jenn the other night. But otherwise, it’s kind of disheartening. I mean, I kissed Gail Simone’s ass the other night, and not even a patronizing honorable mention. I guess I’m going about this all wrong…