26th Dec2006

Screwed By A Comic Blogger

by Will

“Only my success matters!”

Never put anything in writing! That’s what I’ve finally learned. I’ve always been paranoid, keeping every IM conversation and e-mail that comes across my screen. But the one time I got sloppy, I got screwed.

Today marks a milestone. I finally saw something I had written printed on a news site. Now, I had no idea they were going to print this, nor did I know that it was going to be shared with anyone other than the person to whom it was sent. But lo and behold, I fire up the Bloglines, and see one of my e-mail paragraphs pasted verbatim on a site.

Now, I’m not necessarily going to get in trouble. It didn’t leak trade secrets, nor did they publish my name. But there’s a specific way that I write e-mails, so any one of my accounts may know it came from me. I think the thing that gets to me is that I was never told that this was going to be passed along to news sites and creators! And this is the second time this has happened to me this month, but the first time it actually showed up for the public.

So, in closing, don’t put anything important on writing. And no, I’m not posting a link; the robots will find me. Let’s just say that it’s on Newsarama and leave it at that…