29th Oct2007

Has Boondocks Gone Too Far?

by Will

“I don’t go with the “ga” version. I go with the “ger” version.”

I feel like I just had another “encounter moment”. You see, I really love Boondocks. It’s hilariously offensive, yet smart, in that Chappelle kind of way. At the same time, I think tonight’s episode just broke the record for the number of times “nigger” was used during a half hour of television that wasn’t part of the Roots saga.

Now, this has always been a controversial issue. The whole debate of “how can we say the word is bad when we use it in our music?” Or when you catch a white kid using it, and he responds, “But it’s in the song.” Sorry, folks, but Chad’s right. If you don’t want people using it, don’t use it so freely. Don’t go with the whole “we’re reclaiming it” argument. Don’t try to act like you can bandy it about and still be able to regulate its use. Sure, I’m guilty of it myself, as I went through quite a phase earlier this year. Then again, nobody reads this thing, while Boondocks is one of the highest rated shows on Cartoon Network.

I feel like I wouldn’t even care if the show were aired on BET. I just feel I’d be more comfortable with that. It could come on right before ComicView. Knowing it’s on Adult Swim, in lieu of an Aqua Teen or Sealab rerun rubs me the wrong way. Do you know the typical Adult Swim demographic? Primarily white males, age 16-32. Do you know how this must look to them? Sure, they’ll take it as a joke, but it will also serve as an example to them. It makes it seem like it’s OK to use it if A) it’s part of a song, B) black people use it first, in front you, and/or C) it’s part of a joke. I do not want these kids going to school tomorrow and laughing in detention about how Uncle Ruckus performed an exorcism on a nigger. I fear for that kid ’cause some black kid is gonna hear it, and that nigga’s gonna shoot somebody. What was that? Oh no, it’s cool. I used the “ga” and not the “ger”. See how fucked up that defense is? As if to say pronunciation is going to change anything. That’s as lame as saying that Hitler actually disliked juice