28th Oct2011

Back & Fourth: My Journey Into The Classroom

by Will

In my attempt to turn a negative situation into a positive one, I’ve found myself saddled with watching a 4th grade class during their lunch period. First, let’s roll it back a little. You see, the school where I work had 2 campuses. That quake that everyone made fun of for being weak and puny? Well, it destroyed our second campus. We’ve all been under one roof for the past 2 months, but our board just decided to call it a day, and officially made us one school. This also resulted in 25 staff members being laid off. But still we move forward or some jazz. So, we all gotta pitch in like the war effort, and I’ve been given Mrs Doubtfire duty (I dress like a woman for kicks). What I found, however, is that it’s not that bad. I mean, fourth graders are almost like real people. It’s really fascinating. They don’t even eat their meals out of feed bowls. I tell ya, I’m learning all sorts of Discovery Channel shit from this! So, since I had them at my disposal, I figured I’d try to get to know them – ya know, really get into the head of a typical 4th grader in America.

First up, they’re all really into werewolves and vampires. Half the class has already read Twilight, which is shocking and sad at the same time. I asked if they were Team Edward or Team Jacob. They totally had some opinions there. Predominantly, however, it seems to be a werewolf skewing class. In fact, yesterday they explained to me how they’d been sired. Apparently, Sean was bitten, and then he scratched Mike, who then bit Carter, and so on. I can’t wait to hear their thoughts on cooties and the AIDS epidemic. Anyway, I asked if their parents every caught them turning into werewolves at night. They said no, but that a few of their parents suspected they might be werewolves.

Next, they showed me a Scholastic book that was a Who’s Who of the monster scene. I’m talking chupacabra, vampires, werewolves, snakewomen harpies, the works! When we got to the page of a succubus, Ken said “That’s my girlfriend right there.” “Oh, really?” I asked. “How did you two meet?” He said “Well, she was sick and in the hospital. I turned her into a vampire and saved her.” Kid never missed a beat. Like Kenneth from 30 Rock, “In 5 years, we’ll either be working for him, or dead by his hand.”

Today, I asked them about the movies they’d seen recently, which they’d always counter with a “Did you see ____?” One girl told me that she had seen Black Swan. Yes, THAT Black Swan. I asked who let her watch that thing, and she said she’d watched it with her grandpa. I asked her what she thought of it. I loved her response: “It was scary…and inappropriate.” From the mouths of babes!

Since they were the correct demographic, I decided to allow them to settle an online debate for me: what did they think of Power Rangers Samurai? After all, adult fans hate it, but it’s not for us. It’s for the kids. Apparently, and I quote, “Power Rangers Samurai is the most awesome Power Rangers ever!” Keep in mind, they also lost their collective shit when I mentioned Supah Ninjas. Plus, I don’t trust any kid that doesn’t watch iCarly (half of the class is comprised of girls, and none of them watch iCarly!).

I also found out that WAY too many of them are watching Family Guy, American Dad, and The Boondocks. I told one, “You’re too young for The Boondocks!” he just shook his head and said “I know. When I go over to my cousin’s house, he’s always watching it.”

Once we got on the topic of animation, one of them mentioned The Simpsons, which one girl called “the most boringest show in the history of ever.”

So, it looks like The Cos was right – kids really DO say the darnedest things! Anyway, I figure if I’ve gotta be stuck with them, I might as well use them for comedy material. Tune in next time, when we tackle comics, video games, and Nicki Minaj!