06th Nov2012

The Podcast Post

by Will

So, I’m not just the zany guy with the blog – I like to TALK, too. A LOT. Thankfully, a few sites have allowed me to indulge in that hobby by inviting me on their podcasts. I think the last time I even mentioned being on a podcast on here was back when @marcuskdowling was writing about pop music and hadn’t had his nervous breakdown yet. More recently, I’ve been allowed to discuss my geekier pursuits on pods like the General Geekery Podcast, Superhero Time, Dave & Devall’s Toys & Collectibles, Nerd Lunch, Powetcast and the Cold Slither Podcast. Not only should you check them out (especially MY episodes), but you can now find handy dandy links to them in my new sidebar widget. Look out, world! I’m comin’ into your ear! Here are two shows I was on last week:

I had a great time with Dave and, my brother from another colored mother, Devall! We discussed vintage toys, antique mall price gouging, and the future of the toy industry!


They FINALLY let me on! After sponsoring Slither Madness earlier this year, I got to sit down with Classick, Tim, and Eclectik #appreciation. We talked about the new Spider-Man, Halloween memories, and Classick and I developed a reality show.

An odd thing I realized while doing this post is that I happened to be on Episode 44 of two different podcasts recorded during the same week. If there were a Pick 2 lottery, I’d certainly be playing that number.

So, check out the sidebar, listen to the shows, and tell me what you think. Also, if you’ve got a podcast, I’d love to chat with you. But you have to ask me. I’m old fashioned like that.

P.S. It would behoove you to listen, as I just might mention you. Yeah, @OAFE – that was directed right at you 😉