26th Jul2013

West Week Ever – 7/26/13

by Will
Who had the West Week Ever? Read on and find out!

Who had the West Week Ever? Read on and find out!

For those not “in the know”, I work in education. This week I learned two things that were pretty surprising: homework is a joke, and so is college. As it stands, there’s no correlation between homework and achievement in elementary and middle school. Even in high school, there’s just a negligible correlation. At most, it’s just busy work. In the meantime, only 31% of high school graduates who go on to college actually earn their degree. And once they get that degree, who’s to say they’ll get jobs? Food for thought, and all that jazz.


Backstreet’s back?! Did anyone else realize there’s a new Backstreet Boys album coming out next week? Of course you didn’t, ’cause you’re “cool”. I, on the other hand, friggin’ love that group. I consider myself the biggest straight male boyband fan in the lower 48. There was a time when I would’ve had a countdown going for a new boyband album, but this one totally skipped by me. While most folks just wish they’d break up already, I kinda hope BSB stay together forever, touring as old men. I mean, their style has already transitioned to “soft pop”, so it’s not like they’re really looking all that foolish by trying to stay young. The problem, however, is that the new stuff can’t get radio play. It’s not hot enough for the pop stations, and all the soft rock stations are too busy with Maroon 5. Anyway, this new album is perfect for the Maroon 5/OneRepublic fan in your life. I acquired an advanced copy and you’ll especially be happy if you’re a Kevin fan. I guess that was one of the stipulations for his return. Here’s the first single, and title track “In A World Like This”. Spoiler alert: I’m kinda surprised to see a pop act take a stance on marriage equality, but it’s a welcome change:

Sure, it’s no “I Want It That Way”, but it grows on ya. I’ve had it on repeat for the past 2 days, and I fell in love with it.

I guess since it’s “Backstreet Week” here at WBW.com, here’s another video. I’m no Letterman fan, but I thought this was pretty funny:

While we’re on music, there’s a memory that haunts me, especially since I started listening to 60s on 6. See, when I was elementary school, I used to carpool with a teacher at my school and she’d listen to oldies. I remember one time The Supremes came on, and she asked if I liked them. Here’s what I said: “I don’t consider women with beehive hairdos to be ‘good’ music.” Who the fuck was THAT guy?! Where did that even come from? I was 9! Where did I get such a mature level of condescension. I’d be mocked out of town for the music I listen to now, but I had the gall to say something like that. The odd part is that I did like The Supremes, but I guess I thought I’d sound smart or cultured by that response. Man, I wish I could go back in time and beat myself up for that statement.


I’m not even gonna pimp Will’s World of Wonder this week, as I had a prime opportunity to make money, and I squandered it. As most of you know, the Masters of the Universe Classics figures have been popping up at Big Lots! and the race was on to track them down. Any figure, $10 – and these things used to cost $33 on the Mattel website! Anyway, I know a thing or two about finding rare stuff, so I just went where white folks fear to tread: the ghetto. Sure enough, I found them (coincidentally, they were at a store located behind my old job). I bought up a bunch, tweeted that I’d found them, and most of them were spoken for by the time I got to work. But I didn’t even charge a markup! Nope, most of these went out at cost plus shipping. What was I thinking?! I mean, it’s not like I could scalp them, as everyone knows they’re out there, and they know they’re $10. Still, I’ve seen people trying to charge $20-30 for the figures. If they can get that, more power to them. I just didn’t have it in me. So, if nothing else, I hope my generosity gets me that much closer to Heaven…

One promised to never break our hearts, while the other wondered where our love went. One actually bought a Pontiac Aztec, while the other is the first worthwhile thing to be found in a Big Lots! Only one, however, had the West Week Ever.


OH MY GOD!!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU PEOPLE TELL ME HOW GOOD BREAKING BAD WAS?!! I mean, I always heard great things about it, but I also heard great things about Lost, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc. Basically, when you travel in geek circles, EVERYTHING is the best thing since the TARDIS. I’m always finding myself late to the game when it comes to AMC shows. I discovered Mad Men around season 3, and found myself illegally binge-watching the first 2 seasons over the course of 3 days. That wasn’t my fault, though, as I didn’t have cable when it started. The same could be said for Breaking Bad, but I’ve had more than enough time to catch up. I got the first season on DVD for $3, at a yard sale that didn’t warrant a Thrift Justice post a few months back. Last Monday, I felt like watching a DVD, and since season 1 is only 7 episodes, it seemed like something I could kill a few evenings watching. Instead, I ended up watching all 7 episodes that night. Oh my God, y’all! The show is old news to most of you, but it’s even better than I’d heard. Watching Walter White go from milquetoast family man to crime boss, interspersed with Mr. Wizard-esque tutorials with Jesse about how batteries are made. Passive-aggressive Skylar, lovable asshole Hank, and Marie who always wears purple – I love every bit of it. I’m sure some of these characters will disappoint me, but I’m enjoying the ride. I signed up for Netflix just so I could keep going, and I’m almost done with season 2. By Monday, there’s a good chance I’ll be caught up (at least in Netflix terms, as they still don’t have season 5). If there are other awesome shows I should be watching (other than The Walking Dead. I’m already clinically depressed, so I don’t need a show to bring me down,), you’d better tell me about them NOW! Anyway, for being way better than I ever expected, Breaking Bad had the West Week Ever.