20th May2014

Upfronts with Will – CBS Edition

by Will


Finally, here were are at CBS. I’d have to say that CBS has the least ambitious schedule of the Big 4 next season. They’re playing it safe with spinoffs of existing shows and themes with which we’re already familiar. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Madam Secretary

Tea Leoni is something of a showkiller. The premise of this show is kinda hokey, but it could tap into the West Wing audience that’s been looking for a new outlet the past few seasons. My problem with this trailer is that it shows us the entire pilot in 5 minutes. Seriously, there’s no reason to watch the first episode at this point. I really don’t see this getting a second season, but I’ve been shocked before. It’s on Sunday night against Once Upon A Time and The Simpsons, leading into The Good Wife, which is probably the best place for it. I think they would share an audience, but it might be in a stronger position if The Good Wife led into Madam Secretary and not the other way around. It seems CSI is following The Good Wife, and they ain’t moving that.

The McCarthys

Oh, Boston humor! This feels like the sitcom equivalent of those Hopper commercials from DirecTV. It’s good to see New Kid Joey McIntyre on the show, as well as Roseanne‘s Laurie Metcalf. That said, I’m not sure about this one. Then again, I wasn’t sure about The Millers, and it somehow got a second season. Well, actually, CBS owns The Millers so they have a vested interest in keeping it around. I’m not sure if the same arrangement will apply to The McCarthys. I’m saying this one won’t last. Hell, if CBS couldn’t save a show with Robin Williams, I really don’t see this one working. I mention The Crazy Ones because The McCarthys will be in the same Thursday 9:30 timeslot in which the former died.

NCIS: New Orleans

I’ve never watched a single NCIS, but it seems to be a proven formula. Man, when they spun NCIS off from JAG, I’ll bet nobody knew it would turn into a Law & Order/CSI incubator for future spinoffs. I don’t think we’ve reached critical mass yet for NCIS shows, so this will do just fine. It’s on Tuesday nights, going against Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., New Girl/Mindy Project, and Supernatural. Based on CBS’s older audience, I’m not so sure that competition will matter much.


This is my favorite new show on CBS’s schedule. I like the premise, I like the cast, and the trailer really sold me on it. I think this has a shot because it could tap into that Numb3rs audience, and that show lasted 6 seasons. I’m saying it gets a second season. CBS is shortening the Monday comedy block by an hour, so this will air at 9 PM, against Sleepy Hollow and The Voice. I still think it’ll do OK.


Something about this just doesn’t work for me. Maggie Q’s pretty, but Dylan McDermott just helped kill Hostages last season. I don’t think it makes it. It’ll air Wednesday night against Nashville and Chicago P.D., so it’s not exactly going up against ratings juggernauts. So, it could go either way, but I just don’t see it finding an audience. Then again, maybe I’m underestimating the number of torture porn fans out there.

CSI Cyber is also on the schedule for this Fall, but there’s no trailer. It’s a CSI show, so it’ll at least get 3 seasons, easy.

Out of the new shows, outside of CSI and NCIS spinoffs, my money’s on Scorpion to be the big CBS debut of the season.