23rd Apr2004

My Life Is Full of Special Guest Stars

by Will

I’m totally convinced my life is a TV show. YES, I know this sounds somewhat paranoid, but the events that occur to me could only be scripted. My life takes the unexpected twists and turns that only some ratings-hungry network execs could think up. Now, don’t get me wrong, a little excitement is good every now and then, but COME ON!

In the past three months, my life has been “enhanced” by the presence of many…let’s call them “special guest stars”. These are people I haven’t been in contact with for years, and now they’re coming out of the woodwork. Now, I’m enjoying all of these reunions, but it makes me feel like something big is over the horizon. And that makes me uncomfortable, because I like to be ready and prepared for anything; recent events have shown I’m getting a bit sloppy in that department.

I’ve been saying that this whole year was for me to find myself, and I guess I had to lose some stuff to gain. I just didn’t realize there’d be all of these connections back to a past that I really don’t acknowledge. I’ve run into people from every phase of my life, mainly just by working at H&M. I’ve had the Calvary Era, by running into Quiesha Tresvant. I’ve had the Newport Era by running into Arielle & Betsy. The TRU Era ’cause I run into Napier EVERYWHERE. Today, I finally had the Cornell Era. I’m on the Metro, minding my own business, listening to my Death Cab, when something inside tells me to look up. Who do I see? Chris Foster and his girlfriend standing on the platform. I run off the train just as it’s about to pull off, so I can go talk to him and find out who the beauty is who’s accompanying him. This isn’t the first Cornell meeting by any means. Back in Feb, I ran into AJ’s friend Alexa while coming out of the Dupont Circle station (I guess Cornellians love the Metro), and last week I read an article about her in the City Paper. This region is large enough that this shouldn’t have to happen.

Yes, I have a flair for the dramatic, but I couldn’t even come up with some of the people I’ve been running into lately. It’s been good ’cause it all relates to the things I’ve been reflecting upon recently, but there’re are still 2 more people that have yet to be found. Once that occurs, then the sky is the limit. I’m not gonna name these two people, but let’s just say both their names begin with “A”. There’s something I need from both of them, and I don’t think they’d be too hard to find, but the timing’s not right yet.

22nd Apr2004

Well, it DID Look Like A Stargate…

by Will

You can take the kid out of sci-fi, but you can’t take the sci-fi out of the kid. As much as I try to leave the world of geekdom, it keeps pulling me right back in. The other day, I went to Happy Hour with Patti and Courtney @ TGIFriday’s. We pull up and they remark, “Hey, there’s the Toilet Bowl Building”, because there’s a big ring around the structure. As much as I tried to suppress it, I blurted out, “Hey, it looks like the Stargate!”. A hush fell over the crowd. Yeah….

18th Apr2004

Great Weekend Involving VA, The Punisher, and Kill Bill Vol 2

by Will

OK, let’s see if I still remember how this goes. As much as I hate to admit it, you all know how I LOVE being the resident Eeyore, but this has actually been a great weekend. Got off work yesterday @ 5, which is simply unheard of. Then, I got my long-awaited reunion with VA. Amazing, we’ve known each other for years, but it was the first time we’ve ever gotten drunk together. Anyway, with Alabama Slammers and Chicken Fried Rice, that girl certainly knows how to have a good time. Plus, I now know the Metro goes right to her house, so it’s not gonna be one of those “only-reachable-by-car”. Didn’t get home til about 4 AM ’cause of friggin’ maintenance on the Red Line. I was actually scared I might get stranded in DC, and I mean the Bad DC.

Today was just as crazy and action-packed as yesterday. Finally got some bills paid, which is good ’cause it means I’m being responsible. It’s bad, though, ’cause I’m out $250. Anyway, I think Verizon and I know where each other stands from this day forward. 😛

Anyway, I had to “observe” Wednesday today, meaning I had to get my comics ’cause I was working when they came out on Wednesday. As a caveat, I got SO MUCH Punisher swag today! Free movie poster @ the shop, and free comic at the movie, but more on that later.

After the shop, I just kinda walked around. It was such a nice day, and I didn’t want to waste it. I ended up walking to Toys “R” Us, which turned out to be really weird. Normally, I can slip in unnoticed, and slip back out. Today, however, everyone I ever worked with seemed to be there, and they were all so friendly. They said they genuinely missed me, and it truly felt like it. To be honest, I miss them too. I don’t think I’d ever go back there, but I still love kids and toys. Neither of these loves are being fulfilled @ H&M.

Anyway, I eventually made my way to Silver Spring to comic shop #2, and found the sweetest poster. The guy didn’t know how much to sell it for, for fear of his manager firing him. So, I put it on hold and have to call back tomorrow. I’ll describe it tomorrow if the deal goes through.

Eventually, I met up with Brett and we went to dinner & The Punisher. So, what did I think of The Punisher? He simply didn’t punish enough. He was way too much of a wise-cracking smart-ass for a guy who watched his entire extended family massacred. That was part of the problem. The whole movie was overkill. It was like a bad WWF match. For example, in the comic, Frank Castle’s wife, son, and daughter are caught in mob crossfire, which drives him crazy and causes him to become The Punisher. In the movie, Castle’s entire family, including parents, aunts, cousins, etc, are massacred during a beachfront family reunion. There was no need for them to kill 50+ people! We get the point. It’s kinda like how Eminem wants us to know how he really, really loves his daughter. Enough already. In the end, I enjoyed the movie, but I thought he’d be more stoic than he actually was.

After the movie, I did something rare: I went out again! Don’t ask me why, ’cause it’s certainly not a normal thing, but I met up with Davis and we went to see Kill Bill Vol. II. I can’t even begin to attempt to give a review to that movie. I’ll just say awesome. And not in that “Matrix/Star Wars-justification of crappy sequel” kind of way. Simply awesome movie. Tarantino turned a cliche into something amusing and enjoyable. On the other hand, I can’t wait to hear all the gripes my “debate partner” is going to have regarding the movie’s political incorrectness; we haven’t even discussed “The Apprentice” finale, so I know he’ll be charged and ready to go. Anyway, I know the Japanese, and some Jewish, organizations are gonna be up in arms Monday morning, so Quentin, prepare for the backlash. Regardless, a job well-done.