23rd Jan2007

The Awesomeness That Is Solomon Stone

by Will

“D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S”

Behold, the most awesome thing I have read in some time:
This is truly the type of writing to which I aspire.

20th May2005

TV Stars In Marvel Movies & A Sequel To Sin City?

by Will

OK, I found 3 surprising entertainment tidbits today:

1) Kelsey Grammer’s gonna be Beast in X-Men 3? Come on, now! I know that he’s got the voice, but is this really a good idea? Patrick Stewart is notorious for being difficult on sets, as is Grammer. If Halle comes back in all her diva glory, nothing’s gonna get accomplished. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the reports of all the bitch sessions going on behind the scenes.

2) “That 70’s Show”‘s Topher Grace has just signed on as “Villain #2” in Spider-Man 3. He’ll be teaming up with Thomas Haden-Church (yeah, I could say ‘from “Sideways”‘, but I’m gonna keep it real and say ‘from “Wings”‘). At this point, nobody know which villains they’ll be playing. I kinda find it odd that they’d cast Topher as a villain. If anything, I think he’d be a good Spidey if Tobey starts complaining about money again…

3) They’re making a sequel to “Sin City”?!!! THAT piece of shit? They might as well make “Daredevil 2” while they’re at it…

12th Sep2004

Free Comic Book Day Funnies

by Will

So, on this boring Sunday afternoon, I found myself dusting off the pile of stuff I got on Free Comic Day that I never got around to reading (Man, HOW long ago was that?!!). I stumbled upon a collection of webcomics that were pseudo-offensive, but hilarious. Yeah, I have a twisted sense of humor, and I’m not sure how well these’ll translate to a blog, but allow me to share some of my findings with ya!

One comic, called “Chopping Block”, was about Butch the Serial Killer…yeah, you can see where these is going…

Under one column, the caption read:

“As he signed the ‘Anti-Death Sentence’ petition, Butch was torn. If he killed the census taker, his opinion would never reach his Congressman. But if he didn’t, he’d be kicking himself the rest of the day.”

And my favorite:

“After running the amorous teens through with a wooden fencepost, Butch discovered they had been practicing ‘safe sex’. Somehow, the irony escaped him.”

04th Sep2004

Tired Of Being The Nice Guy

by Will

My profile on thefacebook.com contains the following quote by Harvey Pekar:

“When I was younger, I thought about women constantly. I was always running around looking for a good time. Now I’ve matured, my priorities have changed. I’m aware of what’s really important: Crushing My Enemies.”

People always laugh at this and say, “Wow, Will! You sure are weird/funny!” Well, what most people don’t know is I’m a spiteful so-and-so! I wholeheartedly agree with this quote. I am a vengeful person, and I hold a grudge like no other.

As I reflect back on life, I think back to all the people who say, “Wow, Will’s so nice” or “Will’s so funny” or “Will’s so sweet”!

Yes, I realize most of you are asking, “What’s wrong with that? Those are all compliments!” Well, if you noticed, I wrote that people usually WRITE ME OFF with those statements. It’s a way for them to validate the whole “Will’s safe territory” mindset they’ve got. This is why I’m not appealing to girls. Or seen as “one of the guys”.

If they only knew what really went on in my head. How I’d love to hear, “Wow, Will stepped on my entrails as I gurgled for life” or “Did you see how far Will kicked that kitten?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go buy a black trench coat or anything. I guess I’d just like to not be seen as “safe”. I don’t think of myself as such, so why do other people?

28th Jul2004

Movie/Song/Book of the Moment

by Will

Movie of the Moment: Chasing Amy

Song of the Moment: Blame It On The Weatherman, by B*Witched

Book of the Moment: Blankets, by Craig Thompson

14th Jun2004

True Story: Swear To God – A Review

by Will

So, I’m slowly becoming what I fear most: a fanboy. I always wondered what would happen if I withdrew from society and found my sheer enjoyment in life in the pages of comics. I knew it would be a sad, hollow, existence, but I also knew that many people lived this life. Well, I think I’m joining that crowd.

No, it’s not that my life is THAT pathetic, but I do keep finding myself intrigued and inspired by things I’ve read in comic form lately. No, I’m not talking X-Men or Batman (Although I still love you, my Gotham Savior).

No, my comic of the moment is “True Story: Swear To God”, by Tom Beland. TS:STG is a cute, romantic tale of how Tom, a cartoonist from CA, met “The One” during a fluke trip to Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, Lily, the love of his life, was a journalist who lived in Puerto Rico, meaning their long-distance relationship would take place over 15,000 miles. Tom personally illustrated the entire story of their courtship, much of it on the plane ride home from their initial meeting, and it’s all presented here. You really get taken along for the rollercoaster ride, and you completely empathize with Tom.

It’s nerve-racking when you’re waiting for Lily to come to CA for Tom’s brother’s wedding. It’s endearing the way Tom reveals exactly what’s on his mind during their first magical night, fearing he may never see Lily again. It’s hilarious as Tom sticks out like a sore thumb in PR.

I realize it’s not a book for everyone, as I’m trying to get my mom into it, and she’s just not feeling it. I swear, though, this story made me cry. It’s not sad, nor happy, but it’s beautiful. It’s simply a beautiful tale.

I think it really affects me because I know it’s based on a true story. A true story with a happy ending. Yup, Tom and Lily are married & living in Puerto Rico now. Although I never saw the movie, I think I know how Jennine felt whenever she watched “Life Is Beautiful”; The whole thing about how love can persist even through the hardest circumstances. By no means does Tom go through anything as harrowing as the Holocaust, but that whole “love pervading despite obstacles” angle really seems to apply here. Anyway, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone. You don’t even have to like comics, but it’s a cute & heartwarming tale. And I certainly don’t feel like such a curmudgeon anymore since reading it…

08th Sep2003


by Will

And now, a tribute to my Mommy’s favorite comic book: