03rd Dec2003

Big Trouble In Little China

by Will

Just remember what ol’ Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right in the eye and says, “Give me your best shot. I can take it.”

22nd Nov2003

NYC Excursion

by Will

WOW, it’s been a LONG time! I forgot my password for the past weeks, plus I don’t exactly have regular access to the i-net these days. So much to tell, so little energy. A few bullets:

-Actually hearing back from toy companies. Toys R Us Corporate good, Hasbro bad

-Ran away from home to NYC for a week. Came home when money ran out. In the meantime, I saw Soledad O’Brien on the street and Dave Chappelle in the Virgin Megastore. Saw Matrix in IMAX; it STILL sucked, but it did so beautifully. Went to Toys R Us Times Square. I truly believe it is an exact replica of what Heaven must be like. There’s a friggin Ferris Wheel in that place! It truly is “The Center of the Toy Universe”!

28th Sep2003

Movietastic Weekend

by Will

It’s been a movie-ful weekend. Yesterday, I felt pretty retarded ’cause I watched Zoolander, Bio-Dome, & Son-in-Law. Today, it was a Mariah Carey movie marathon with Glitter and Wisegirls. Ya know, she’s not a bad actress after all. I mean, Glitter was cliche and contrived, but not as bad as people said. Wisegirls was pretty good; too bad it went straight to video. Now, I’m watching Secretary which, to say the least, is pretty weird. It’s about time I got my money’s worth out of this cable. Especially since I have about 20 premium channels alone!

28th Sep2003


by Will

“The glitter cannot overpower the artist…I want to see more of her breasts!”

27th Sep2003

Kissing Jessica Stein

by Will

If you wanna see a really cute movie, I HIGHLY recommend “Kissing Jessica Stein”. Not something I’d normally go for, but I guess the metrosexual in me took over. I really liked that flick, though! Rent it. NOW. (And it’s also on Showtime for the rest of the weekend)

25th Sep2003

And I Thought Dead Gangsters Were The Only Things Buried In The Desert

by Will

In 1982, Atari put all of its financial weight into production of the E.T. video game. Now, keep in mind that this was during the time that Atari was no longer the Big Boy on the Video Game block; some dirty plumber was about to have a billion dollar ‘shroom encounter. Anyway, this game did not nearly as well as expected, causing Atari to bury over a million cartridges in the New Mexico desert?!!! Don’t believe me, check this out: http://www.snopes.com/business/market/atari.asp

21st Jul2003

How To Deal With Mandy Moore

by Will

So, I saw the new Mandy Moore movie, “How to Deal”. You know, if she can maintain her charm and innocence, she’s got quite the future ahead of her. While watching the movie, there’s no doubt that she’s adorable, but it’s virtually impossible to think of her in an impure way. She comes off as your best friend’s little sister, who you’ve known since she was born. Hell, I want her to be MY sister! Plus, her best friend is played by the same girl who was Ross’s underaged girlfriend on “Friends” (the one whose dad was Bruce Willis). Man, did she put on weight! Hey, it’s no Oscar contender, but it’s a cute movie.