06th Oct2004

My First, and Probably Last, Album Review

by Will

In all my blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever posted this:


This is my very first (and, so far, only) album review. This is back with Last Call, for our album “Vestosterone”. Long story short, the reviewers could’ve lived without the album, but the loved me! And isn’t that really all that matters?

*shameless plug warning*

And if you wanna know what they were talking about, these songs, and more, can be downloaded from my “Music” section. Oh, and if ya like the LC stuff, go buy their album…actually, nevermind. What do i care? “Why buy the cow…”?

P.S. They liked Lip too, but this is MY site, so…(Hi, Lip!)

07th Sep2004

My Love For VH-1 and I Wonder Where Ryan Starr’s Gonna Be In 5 Years

by Will

I am LOVING “The Surreal Life” right now. Even though the show is known for being crap, this is the best season YET.

But before we get to that, let me just say that VH-1 was firing on all cylinders tonight. First off, I was PSYCHED for “Bands Reunited” starring New Kids on the Block. I was SHOCKED that Joey McIntyre was the first nail in the coffin. I thought for sure they’d get back together. I mean, c’mon, Jordan’s the lynchpin, which is why they went after him first. Without Jordan would’ve been like having Nsync w/o Justin or BSB w/o Nick. The Knight Bros agreed, but everyone else refused. Man, that really threw me for a loop.

Then, Jordan, still loving the limelight, turned up on “The Surreal Life”. Man, I am loving Flava Flav; he is cracking me up! And when he slapped Red Sonja…that was great! What is Brigitte Nielsen’s problem, anyway? She really hasn’t done jack in yrs, but she still acts like she’s important. Sorry, sweetie…

And I wonder if they’re gonna bring up the fact that Dave Coulier was the inspiration for every bitter track on Alanis’s first album. That’s a big deal, and it’s a lot more important than asking him about the Olsen twins (which Flav did the minute he met Dave, pissing him off). It’s also hilarious that Flav has no idea who anyone is in the house. He was too high back then to remember these people when they were famous.

Jordan started drama by blocking off his room so no one could bother him. They all got pissed, but I kinda understand…after all, he IS currently the most successful person in the house. Man, that’s sad when you think about it….

Ryan Starr is REALLY disappointing me. The sexy rock vixen from American Idol is really just a sheep in wolf’s clothing. She couldn’t deal when the strippers came out, and she’s really just a hot prude…

And Charo….what can i say about that woman? Coochie-coochie, indeed! I don’t care how old she is, she’s still got it. And she holds the record for most appearances on “Love Boat” (21, btw). I would still show her something “exciting and new”! Well, can’t wait for next week…

04th Sep2004

Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) – Vertical Horizon

by Will

Song of the Moment: “Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)”, by Vertical Horizon

OK, before we get into lyrics, let me just point out that this doesn’t pertain to any one specific person. In fact, it’s more of a dedication to all the girls I’ve loved before. You know, how when you’re in the whole relationship thing, that other person is the best thing since sliced bread? Then, in hindsight, once the dust has settled, you really start to wonder how true that was….after all, how can each one be the best thing you’ve ever had? I mean, there is the possibility that life’s just getting better and better for you as it goes on, but is that really the case? Most likely not. We’re all probably just jaded by the limerance and tingly feelings brought on by new love. So, this song speaks to a sort of amalgam of every relationship I’ve been in. Yeah, I thought each and every one of you was great at some point and time, but some of you backed that up with evidence, while others were great disappointments. I love this song because it works two different ways: to those you truly miss, it’s sincere and longing, while to those you somewhat loathe, it’s kind of cynical. As I tumble back into my annual Autumn Funk, these are the thoughts in my head:

“So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I’m here to stay
Love can be so boring

Nothing’s quite the same now
I just say your name now


But it’s not so bad
You’re only the best I ever had
You don’t want me back
You’re just the best I ever had

So you stole my world
Now I’m just a phony
Remembering the girl
Leaves me down and lonely

Send it in a letter
Make yourself feel better


But it’s not so bad
You’re only the best I ever had
You don’t need me back
You’re just the best I ever had

And it may take some time to
Patch me up inside
But I can’t take it so I
Run away and hide

And I may find in time that
You were always right
You’re always right

So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I’m here to stay
Love can be so boring

What was it you wanted
Could it be I’m haunted


But it’s not so bad
You’re only the best I ever had
I don’t want you back
You’re just the best I ever had

The best I ever had

The best I ever”

04th Sep2004

Celine Dion: Much Better In Her Native French

by Will

So, I’m convinced that Celine Dion is a lot more talented in her native tongue of French. First off, the music’s more…how do you say…”organic”. Also, you don’t have to listen to her ramble on and on about “lurve”, as she calls it.

Anyway, to hear what I mean, I highly recommend you pick up her recent album, “1 fille & 4 types”. You can get it at any music store, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed….

What the Hell is “lurve”? You’d think when learning English, the one thing you would get right is “love”. Ain’t that the universal language?!! How’d she learn to mess up such a simple and universal concept?!! “lurve”…..

02nd Sep2004

The FAT Made Me Look Fat…

by Will

I just went to menoflastcall.com, and the pic that loaded was me and Lip at Straight Up. Man, that vest really made me look fat… Nah, that FAT made me look fat.

Anyway, I guess I’m just glad to know that pic’s still in the system. Kinda like there’s still something out there in the world that I did of which I can be proud…

Now, where did I put that cocaine?

22nd Aug2004

Soundtrack To The Last Post

by Will

First off, allow me to say how impressed I am with myself that I come across so clearly, even drunk. That last post certainly was a doozy!

So, now for the aftermath….

I’m still upset. I basically spent the past 2 hrs sort of meditating on the whole thing, and I have no real answers or conclusions. I do, however, have a playlist. So, if you wanna know the soundtrack for all my drama, this’ll give you a little insight as to what’s going on in my head right now. Gotta warn ya, it’s a bit of a downer:

1) “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – Bonnie Raitt

2) “Comin’ Around Again” – Carly Simon

3) “The Last Song” – Elton John

4) “Barely Breathing” – Duncan Sheik

5) “Until I Hear it From You” – Gin Blossoms

6) “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” – Don Henley & Patti Smythe

7) “Again” – Janet Jackson

8) “Foolish Games” – Jewel

9) “If You Go” – Jon Secada

10) “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” – Meatloaf

11) “Losing My Religion” – REM

12) “Listen To Your Heart” – Roxette

13) “Song For You” – Ray Charles

14) “Back For Good” – Take That

15) “Counting Blue Cars” – Dishwalla

16) “Why” – Annie Lennox

17) “Ave Maria” – arr. Franz Biebl

11th Aug2004

You & I Both – Jason Mraz

by Will

Song of the Moment:


words & music by jason mraz

Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me

Oh things are gonna happen naturally

And taking your advice I’m looking on the bright side

And balancing the whole thing

But often times those words get tangled up in lines

And the bright lights turn to night

Until the dawn it brings

A little bird who’ll sing about the magic that was you and me

Cause you and I both loved

What you and I spoke of

What you and I spoke of

Others only dream of the love that I love

See I’m all about them words

Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words

Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards

More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive

Now you and I, you and I

Not so little you and I anymore

And with this silence brings a moral story

more importantly evolving is the glory of a boy

you and I both loved what you and I spoke of

and others just read of and if you could see now

well I’m already finally out of

and it’s okay if you have go away

just remember the telephone works both ways

and if I never ever hear it ring

if nothing else I’ll think the bells inside

have finally found you someone else and that’s okay

cause I’ll remember everything you sang

you and I both loved what you and I spoke of

and others just read of and if you could see now

well I’m already finally out of words.

This song isn’t just in my head lately. I’m obsessed with it. And unlike usual, I’m actually into the lyrics and not just the melody. Perfectly captures how I feel right now…

06th Aug2004

Chillin’ Wit Friends

by Will

So, I saw “Napoleon Dynamite” with a friend today. Hilarious movie, but definitely not for everyone. It’s absurd. There’s no real sense to it, but it’s great. I definitely recommend it. This summer’s had a great track record for movies. I’ve loved every one that I’ve seen so far, many of them becoming all-time faves. Now, let’s hope those DVDs start coming out soon. I gots to own my “Anchorman”!

This evening, I went down to VA for Applebee’s with Lip. It was good seeing him ’cause the bastard’s been jetsetting around the friggin coast for the past month. Anyway, since the ‘Bees was our place @ Cornell, it was only fitting that we find one in this region. Let me tell you this: Ithaca was ripping us off. We never got as much food at that one as we did tonight. My burger was the size of a fucking baby! And I ain’t talking premie. Hell, after getting drunk off 2 mudslides, and our traditional boneless buffalo wings, I couldn’t eat my meal! I’ve never been more ashamed of myself…in a situation involving food!

So, back at his apt, he introduced me to the Hazzard’s hit, “Gay Boyfriend”, which I’m starting to think is an inspiration to all of my exes. Close, but no cigar. I guess I was just too metro…

We were rushing to make the last train, but alas, we were 10 mins to late. Lip drove me home, which was a lifesaver!

05th Aug2004

Music Of The Moment: Saliva & Depeche Mode

by Will

Songs of the Moment:

Rest In Pieces – Saliva

Somebody – Depeche Mode

Two VERY different ends of the spectrum, I know…

28th Jul2004

Movie/Song/Book of the Moment

by Will

Movie of the Moment: Chasing Amy

Song of the Moment: Blame It On The Weatherman, by B*Witched

Book of the Moment: Blankets, by Craig Thompson