20th Jan2004

(Last Night) I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All…

by Will

“I know it’s not my fault, I did my best
God knows this heart of mine could use a rest
But more and more I find the dreams I left behind
Are somehow too real to replace”

(Last Night) I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All

( The 5th Dimension )

13th Jan2004

The Year of the Redneck

by Will

Well, it looks like Britney’s started a trend. Accordingly, I hereby proclaim 2004 as “The Year of the Redneck”. It seems that a redneck guy can sleep with any girl he wants as long as she’s drunk and gullible enough. Here’s to the year where redneck guys get more ‘Tang than NASA.

22nd Nov2003

A Musical Opportunity?

by Will

OK, Happy News:

I’m not gonna go into details, but long story short: I went to some function @ Lincoln Center, and met this guy who’s just getting into artist representation. He heard me talking about singing, and he was really interesting in what I do and have done. He’s interested in hearing more from me, musically,, and told me to send him some recordings. It prolly won’t pan out to anything, but for a few minutes, I knew what it felt like to be an O-Town finalist: a cute kid who some stranger is trying to make a quick buck off of. Heh, I ended that sentence with a preposition. Fuck you, Harvard!

22nd Nov2003

NYC Excursion

by Will

WOW, it’s been a LONG time! I forgot my password for the past weeks, plus I don’t exactly have regular access to the i-net these days. So much to tell, so little energy. A few bullets:

-Actually hearing back from toy companies. Toys R Us Corporate good, Hasbro bad

-Ran away from home to NYC for a week. Came home when money ran out. In the meantime, I saw Soledad O’Brien on the street and Dave Chappelle in the Virgin Megastore. Saw Matrix in IMAX; it STILL sucked, but it did so beautifully. Went to Toys R Us Times Square. I truly believe it is an exact replica of what Heaven must be like. There’s a friggin Ferris Wheel in that place! It truly is “The Center of the Toy Universe”!

28th Sep2003


by Will

“The glitter cannot overpower the artist…I want to see more of her breasts!”

26th Sep2003

Did He Die From His Addiction To Love?

by Will

Wow, Death’s working overtime in September. Today we mourn the loss of Mr. Robert Palmer. If that name is unfamiliar to you, just think back to when you were little, perhaps catching primitive MTV or listening to the radio. Mr. Palmer was a Simply Irresistible guy who was Addicted to Love. To a child of the 80s, this is quite a blow. I know I’ll miss him.

21st Sep2003

I’m Burning Up The Charts

by Will

Woot! My song has been downloaded 6 times by now. You’ve heard of gold and silver. My single’s gonna go copper!

21st Sep2003

1st Single: “Marina”

by Will

Wanna hear my first single? Then you’re in luck:

21st Sep2003

Am I In The Band Now? Introducing E7

by Will

So, it seems that I’m in a band now. Wait…don’t laugh! It’s not like Aerosmith or anything. We’re called “E7”. At the moment, I sing leads while guitar is taken care of by Mr. Tarek Sultani and bass is covered by Carl….I forgot his last name. Anyway, we’re more of a garage outfit. I think of us as a sort of Cornell “California Dreams”. The other guys are taking it a lot more seriously than I. They’re trying to get an album’s worth of songs, while I was just called in to do one track.

The track came out nicely, and I’m more proud of it than anything I’ve recorded with LC. This solo stuff is hard. I feel like Nick Lachey. I mean, I know I’m not by myself, but I’m the only one singing, so I might as well be solo. In any case, this gives me something to do. Probably not gonna be my big break, but I can at least start piling up potential demos or something. Then, when the time is right, I’m gonna drop those guys and TRULY go solo! Muhuhahahahahaha!!!

20th Sep2003

“We’re Just Ted Fans”

by Will

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Remember when I used to be in an a cappella group? ‘Cause apparently no one around here does. Tonight, I’m at the mall with Eric and Ted and some girls turn around as we’re leaving the place.

“Are you Ted?” they ask. Ted, bewildered, tells that he is one and the same. They start giggling and ask, “You’re in Last Call aren’t you?” He answers, “Yeah….but so are these guys,” pointing at me and Eric.

“Yeah, we know,” they say while ignoring Eric and me. “We’re just Ted fans.”


Ted hasn’t had a song in about 3 years!!! These chicks are freshmen and they don’t know me?!! It sucks ’cause all I have to show for my time at Cornell is a 2.9 GPA and 4 years in a group that doesn’t even appreciate me!

Does no one respect their elders anymore? I helped make that group what it is, and no one currently realizes that. It’s not even what they said, but how they said it.

I know I’m overreacting, but I have very little from my college days to be proud of. Now, just 3 weeks after I formally leave the group, and a mere week since I’ve been taken off the website, I’ve been forgotten.

Hey bitches, I’ve got a surprise for ya. Ted isn’t even in the group anymore. For some reason, those tards just forgot to take him off the site. It’s OK, though. There’s still some really cute Hangovers to lust after.