08th Oct2004

Cup O’ Joe

by Will

I swear, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada NEVER gives a boring interview! Here’s an excerpt of a recent statement he gave to Newsarama:

NRAMA: Looking at the X-franchise, it seems to have become the home for the superstars – you moved from Grant to Joss to…? Do you feel that you could be moving to a place of one-upping yourself to the nth degree, to a point where if you don’t have a Morrison or a Whdeon type “name” on an X-Men book, sales will suffer?

JQ: Well, we just signed God to write the arc after Joss.

NRAMA: Teasers? Professor X versus the real Lucifer to the death?

JQ: Well, this summer we brought you Jesus vs. Spider-Man, and based on the box office, it looks like Jesus won.

26th Aug2004

Hell Is Nothing But Flavor-Aid & Drake Cakes…

by Will

Conversations At Work

Coworker: “Making fun of deaf people…I’m SO going to Hell.”

Me: “We’re ALL going to Hell. I’ll see ya down there.”

Coworker: “Cool! I’ll meet ya by the vending machine.”

Me: ” You know, I’ll bet Hell has a really shitty vending machine. The kind with no name brand snacks. You know, nothing but Rock Creek Ginger Ale and those Lifesavers that don’t have holes in them…”

Coworker: “That’d be awesome if the worst thing about Hell is that it’s got no brand name snacks!”

05th Jul2004


by Will

So, I have a new “celebrity” crush, and I’ve actually met her, so she’s “real”. Here’s the catch, though.

I found her blog online, and she mentions that she doesn’t believe in God. Now, I know that’s a weird criterion for me to have at this age, and it’s just a crush, but I couldn’t really see myself with someone who doesn’t believe in God. My reasoning may surprise you.

If I’m with someone who doesn’t believe in God, then who is she going to be calling out to? Who is she gonna be screaming for? And if she’s yelling, “Oh God, Oh God!”, then, well folks, I think we’ve got an actress on our hands!

Sick and twisted, I know….

04th Jun2004

Creed…Breaking Up?

by Will

What a day, what a day…

Yes, Mr. Lohan, your daughter’s hot. But that doesn’t mean you can go around hitting people. It just ain’t right.

And Creed’s breaking up? But who’ll sing for Jesus? Who will trumpet The Almighty’s return across adult contemporary radio? What does this mean for the Rapture? Nickelback and P.O.D. are nowhere near ready to take over the mantle. The mind is puzzled, and the heart is concerned…