05th Sep2004

I’ve Been Blogjacked!

by Will

OK, now I’m freaking out! My life is turning into an episode of “The Outer Limits”. First, no one was answering my calls. Now, now it’s like I don’t exist!

A little backstory: Before williambrucewest.com was created, I had the blog entitled “The World According To A Russian Exchange Student”. It was just your standard blog on a template. Well, I figured I’d still kinda have it existing on the side, while this site got the bulk of my attention.

Well, when I went to check on my first-born, I found this:


Can they do this?!!! They just reassign blog addresses like phone numbers? How long has this been going on? Well, apparently, since May 19, 2004. But why was I not told of this?!!! Who is this guy, and why are people trying to erase my existence?!!!

04th Sep2004

I Was Clearly Visitors 1-1222, Too…

by Will

Wow, I’m visitor #1223 to my own site. That’s my birthday. How’s coincidental….how quaint! What are the odds, eh?

(I hope nobody realizes I hit my own site 1222 times before this just for this little “coincidence” to work out! Those suckers! They’ll never figure it out….wait a minute…when you type it, it’s no longer a “whisper”. In fact, people can read this even though it’s in parentheses…And here I thought I was simply mumbling to myself…I think my plan has been foiled….turn myself in, or flee through the emergency hatch? Hatch it is!)

04th Sep2004

Tired Of Being The Nice Guy

by Will

My profile on thefacebook.com contains the following quote by Harvey Pekar:

“When I was younger, I thought about women constantly. I was always running around looking for a good time. Now I’ve matured, my priorities have changed. I’m aware of what’s really important: Crushing My Enemies.”

People always laugh at this and say, “Wow, Will! You sure are weird/funny!” Well, what most people don’t know is I’m a spiteful so-and-so! I wholeheartedly agree with this quote. I am a vengeful person, and I hold a grudge like no other.

As I reflect back on life, I think back to all the people who say, “Wow, Will’s so nice” or “Will’s so funny” or “Will’s so sweet”!

Yes, I realize most of you are asking, “What’s wrong with that? Those are all compliments!” Well, if you noticed, I wrote that people usually WRITE ME OFF with those statements. It’s a way for them to validate the whole “Will’s safe territory” mindset they’ve got. This is why I’m not appealing to girls. Or seen as “one of the guys”.

If they only knew what really went on in my head. How I’d love to hear, “Wow, Will stepped on my entrails as I gurgled for life” or “Did you see how far Will kicked that kitten?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go buy a black trench coat or anything. I guess I’d just like to not be seen as “safe”. I don’t think of myself as such, so why do other people?

26th Aug2004

Friendster’s Full of Lesbians. Supposedly.

by Will

Why are all the cute chicks on Friendster lesbians?!!! What’s going on with this region? Is there something in the water? I swear, I woke up one morning, and I didn’t recognize the world anymore…

06th Aug2004

‘Bout To Get More Personal Up In Here!

by Will

I think I owe you all an apology. I realize my blogs have been cryptic as of late, and I’m not trying to lead you on or tempt you. The thing is, except for a small handful, I really don’t know who any of you people are that are reading this thing. And I’ve always had a policy that I don’t let anyone know more about me than I know about them; sort of an informational trade. It keeps us balanced, and there’s no potential for blackmail and the like.

So, with this is mind, I’ve kinda had a policy with this site that I wasn’t going to ever get too personal. Lord knows I’ve had more shit go on in the past six months than I’d care to share, and I felt certain people may read this and think they’ve gotten the upper hand. It was never meant to be a weapon, but I simply wanted to keep my feelings personal, save for the occassional veiled attack, etc.

Anyway, lately I’ve come to admire the existence of the “personal blog”. I like the blogs where people tell you about their day, and what’s on their minds. I like when they’re anxious and have hopes and dreams. I’ve been hiding behind pop culture references and whatnot because I was sublimating things in my life, and simply trying to express myself without giving too much away. Don’t get me wrong: I do still care about ’80s TV and Wonkette DNC coverage, but there are other sides to me as well. It’s just that I don’t really think people appreciate the real me. Sure, he’s cute and quirky and fun, but I think I have a Pauly Shore factor: I get old FAST. So, few people really get to know the real ME, because that’s something that’s earned. What I’m trying to say is that I really can’t expect to have too many secrets when my domain name is my FRICKIN’ REAL NAME!

So, from now on, you can still look forward to the random X-Men reference, but I’ll also try to include a little bit more on me. After all, this isn’t just for you, it’s for me. This was supposed to be therapeutic, which is something I could really use right now. I feel really vulnerable right now, but that’s how I’m supposed to feel. After all, this is a journal of sorts. So, I’d like you to get to know the real me…that is, if you really want to….

I gotta stop blogging after drinking! Friends, don’t let friends blog drunk!

02nd Aug2004

Oh, Wonkette!

by Will

A year ago, I was SO not a political person. But now, with Wonkette, and “Meet The Press” as my favorite show, I can’t get enough of this shit! It’s like “The West Wing”, but real and more entertaining. That’s right, folks! I am Will West, reporting for duty!

So, here’s a funny little tidbit overheard at the DNC last week, courtesy of wonkette.com:

Op-ed columnist:  “Barack Obama is like the black Colin Powell.”

Journalist: “What?”

Op-ed columnist: “Oh — ha — I mean the Democratic Colin Powell”.

Journalist: “First one’s better.”

14th Jul2004

Bloggin’ Backlash!

by Will

“Show Me The Funny”

So, I’ve been sitting here, staring at the screen, wondering, “What the fuck?” How did we get here? The other day, I’m celebrating my blog anniversary, next thing I know, I’m in the middle of a Bill Maher siutation. This thing used to be funny, but now it’s way too politically charged. No more!

Long story short, the last blog entry was directed at my webmistress over a conversation our “circle” had been having. Apparently, I hit a nerve, and my last post was a response to a post on her site.

Anyway, one of you out there felt that I was talking directly to you. Well, I wasn’t. (If you’re wondering what I mean by this, read my guestbook). Anyway, someone out there is lecturing me on freedom of speech and the freedom to express opinions. Well, that’s all nice and good, but that’s not exactly what our little argument was about. So, whoever you are, I don’t know who you are. I guess you thought I should, but I don’t. Sorry. So, I hope you feel either vindicated or stupid. Regardless, this is what happens when an A & B conversation becomes public; C ya later. Whoever you are, if you really want to confront me, e-mail me. You claim to know me, so I guess you know how that e-mail thing works…

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

12th Jul2004

Not Gonna Make Sense In 5 Years, Especially Out Of Context…

by Will

Wow, big words. Perhaps if you’d calm down, and realize the rampant racism in YOUR OWN life, rather than every little injustice that DOESN’T affect you, perhaps you’d understand what I was saying. So many people wanna look good on a soapbox, not even wondering who their audience is. You wanna keep crusading, keep right on. But your credibility only takes a hit when your own affairs are being swept under the rug, potentially hurting those around you. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it. Oh yeah, I guess “fuck me”.

10th Jul2004

1 Year Bloggin’ and Why I Chose The Name For The Site

by Will


Not only does today commemorate my one year anniversary of blogging, but this is also my 175th post! Boy, do I love a good milestone!

Wow, one whole year! A year ago, I was basically married, bitter @ the world, and living in Ithaca. Today, I’m completely divorced, bitter @ the world, and living in MD. “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. For the people no longer with us, I guess you can say they helped to “usher” in this new era…

So, I guess you’re saying, “Williambrucewest.com has only been around since April.” Yes, you’re right, but a handful of you know that, prior to April, I posted to a site known as “The World According to A Russian Exchange Student”. Those people have commented, “Will, even though you were an exchange student to Russia, you weren’t Russian, so the title’s incorrect.” Well, to clarify, originally, I was sort of ashamed of some of the stuff I was posting. Initially, I wanted to sort of hide behind a pseudonym, so I had planned to post under the guise of the exchange student who came to live with me.

You see, in my opinion, there’s nothing cuter than a foreigner who doesn’t have a grasp on America and the English language. Yes, that may sound exploitative, but I love when someone learning English will ask, “How do you say…?” While my exchange student stayed with us, he had a lot of valuable insight on the US, while at the same time he said things that were just too funny for words. In the early days of blogging, whenever I’d read an off-the wall news article, I’d wonder, “What would Sergei have to say about this?”. Well, as interesting an idea as that was, you can only walk in another man’s shoes for so long, and I kind of abandoned the “human interest” aspect of blogging. Instead, it was Punky Brewster this and Nsync that. Honestly, I’d rather stay away from the whole “Man, the world/America is so f-ed up” ’cause that’s what James & Jenn are for. They’re in the links, so check ’em out. At the same time, there’s just not enough forums for pop culture, so by-gummit, I’m here to stay.

We’re just getting started, and I’m only getting crazier, so I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far, and get ready for more years to come. I still don’t have a clue as to who’s reading this thing, but I do know about 5 of you have been here since the beginning, and I’d just like ya to know it means a lot to me, you mysterious masked marvels. Here’s to next year, and hopefully, post #500!

09th Jul2004

Sounds A Lot Better Than “iMesh”…

by Will

I think BET, or VIBE, or The Source should create a file-sharing program and call it “Soulsearch”. Watch someone steal this idea from me in the next few months….