17th Sep2003

I Also Miss Juvenile Sales…

by Will

“Lionel Kiddie City turns a frown… upside down!”

Boy, do I miss that! Christmas is right around the corner, folks.

17th Sep2003

Killing Don Knotts Before His Time

by Will

For anyone who noticed, I took out the Don Knotts reference in my John Ritter post at the request of my Mommy. I’ve been “killing” Don Knotts for years ’cause we never hear anything about him, so I just assume he’s dead. But he’s not, and I shouldn’t wish that upon him. Hell, I even love the guy. If John Ritter was my funny comedic big brother figure, then Don Knotts was my senile, yet comedic, crazy old uncle.

12th Sep2003

RIP John Ritter

by Will

And another part of my childhood is gone forever.


This one hits a little close to home. Wherever he is, I hope he’s pulling the wool over Mr. & Mrs. Roper’s eyes just like he used to. Don’t worry, Jack. Mr. Furley’s probably gonna be joining you soon, and hilarity will ensue.

10th Sep2003

“What’s A ‘Lezzie’?”

by Will

Parent 1: “What did you call her? What’s a ‘lezzie’?”

Parent 2: “It means your daughter likes vagina”

Man, do I love Nip/Tuck!

28th Aug2003

10 Years of Power Rangers

by Will

10 years ago today, August 28, 1993, “Day of the Dumpster” first aired on American television. Little did we realize that it would spawn the Power Ranger empire that still reigns today. I have been watching this show for 10 years?!!! Not only do I feel like a tool, but I feel like an OLD tool 🙁

27th Aug2003

MTV Seeking Writer…For A REALITY Show

by Will

OK, I simply HAD to post this. Below is a job description found on MTV’s career site. Notice how it’s for a writer…for a reality show.

Title: Freelance Reality Show Story Editor Apply for this job

Channel: MTV Department: PRODUCTION



Job Description:

**ALL RESUMES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 9/12/03** **APPLICANTS MUST APPLY VIA THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS (PLEASE DO NOT APPLY VIA MTVNCAREERS.COM/JOBHUNT): mtvprodfc@mtvstaff.com Reality Show Story Editor needed to travel for the last 2 weeks of September with an Extreme Sports Competition Production. Story Editor will work with producers to develop story lines, screen tapes at the end of each shoot day, and come up with context and story elements.

Required Qualification/Skills:

Candidates must have national broadcast reality show background with experience as reality television story editor. Producer / writer mentality required. Due to the volume of responses we will only contact those candidates who meet these qualifications.

Desired Qualification/Skills:

15th Aug2003

Hey, Paisanos!

by Will

Hey, Paisanos! It’s the Super Mario Brothers Super Show!

We’re the Mario Brothers

And plumbing’s our game

We’re not the the others

Who get all the fame

If your sink is in trouble

You can call us on the double

We’re faster than the others

You’ll be hooked on the brothers

Gimme, gimme, gimme gimme!

You’re in for a treat

So hold on to your seat.

Get ready for adventures and remarkable feats.

You’ll meet Koopas, the Troopas, the Princess, and the others

Hangin’ with the plumbers, you’ll be hooked on the brothers!

To the brink! Uh! Uh! Huh, huh, I said hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooked on the Brothers (the brothers, the brothers)!

Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it’s time to go. Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let’s do the Mario, all together now! You got it! It’s the Mario! Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it’s time to go. Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let’s do the Mario, all together now! Come on now. Just like that!

If you’re still wondering what this is all about, then go here:


15th Aug2003


by Will

Song-In-My-Head of the Day:

Heathcliff, Heathcliff no one should

terrify their neighborhood

but Heathcliff just won’t be undone

playin’ pranks on everyone

14th Aug2003

The Animated Batman: An Unofficial Guide

by Will

My new Bible:


14th Aug2003

NBC Saturday Morning 1984

by Will

Wow, I remember these: