15th Feb2013

West Week Ever – 2/15/13

by Will


Let’s get this party started: I can’t stand Neil deGrasse Tyson. I’d probably say “hate”, but that would be un-Christian of me, and he’d jump at the chance to point out my spiritual folly.


Only a smug motherfucker would dare wear that vest out in public.

For those not familiar with him, Neil deGrasse Tyson is apparently the only black scientist in America. He’s the go-to personality whenever some media outlet wants a scientific take on things. So, he’s like the Toure or Al Sharpton of Science. Somehow, this guy has risen to the top of the pile, while still looking like the night manager of a KFC. I know, I know…we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. If that were true, books wouldn’t HAVE covers!

Anyway, he’s an astrophysicist, and he’s the pope of the “I Fucking Love Science” cult of the internet. On twitter, someone told me that they thought deGrasse Tyson made science more “approachable”, which I just couldn’t grasp. Bill Nye made science approachable. Mr. Wizard made science approachable. Hell, even Beakman and that giant rat made science approachable. deGrasse Tyson does NOT. He’s antagonistic, as he tries to foster “belief” in science, while using the delivery style of a condescending atheist. While what he’s saying might be true, he comes off like the Debbie Downer of science. He’ll say shit like, “You may think the stars in the night sky are pretty. What you don’t realize is that they are in their death throes, light years away, and don’t even know that you exist.” Yay, science? If a small child went up to him and said, “I wanna be an astronaut and go to space.”, deGrasse Tyson would just shake his head and say, “Well, son, nobody’s ever really been to space. Most space expeditions are basically low Earth orbit. You could get the same experience by going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.” He’d walk away, smirking to himself that he had educated another fool.

I have nothing against science. Science is cool and all that shit. But I’d rather be in the blissfully ignorant masses than to be talked down to by some Magical Science Negro. Yeah, that’s fucked up, but that’s how he makes me feel.

I also want to give a HUGE “thank you” to Dr. Matt Guzy of Awesome Toy Blog! He sent me the new Donatello, reuniting my toy turtle brothers! There was a pic but this site’s acting wonky today. Anyway, check out his site for some great Toy Fair coverage!


2013-02-08 22.30.15

LEGO has the BEST customer service! Like, I don’t even know how they’re still in business it’s so good. This was gonna be a Thrift Justice entry, but it’s a slow West Week, so here it goes. I bought this DC Super Heroes LEGO set at a thrift store. It was taped shut, so I figured someone had opened it, stolen the minifigures and chucked it. Still, it was only about $7, which is a fraction of its retail cost. So, I decided to take a chance. Well, once I got home I was surprised to see that the minifigures were still there. Oddly enough, it was smaller pieces that were missing. I was able to complete about 80% of Lex Luthor’s robot, but couldn’t attach the top to the bottom (missing rod).

I’ve never purchased my own LEGO set before (yeah, I know that’s strange), so I didn’t really know how replacement parts worked. Well, they had a list of parts in the manual (which was also still in the box), and directed me to a website. I went to the website, which asked me to specify what I needed. Well, since there wasn’t a “I bought this on the secondary market, and some little bastard named Cody or Juan clearly pilfered some important pieces” option, I simplified it and clicked “missing parts”. I entered the numbers specified in the manual, and submitted the order. I waited for them to give me a total. Instead, I got an email confirmation that my pieces were on the way. That’s right, the parts were FREE! HOLLA ATCHA BOY!

2013-02-02 22.36.19


I tend to hate “save our show” bandwagoning, but this awesome post about Community’s Easter eggs proves why this show deserves a longer life. Folks who appreciate tight continuity will LOVE this!


Memorex from Smash TV on Vimeo.

I only made it through 3 minutes of this video because my nostalgia boner was raging so hard! If you’re a child of the 80s, just see how long you make it. I may have stolen this from one of you reading this. If that’s the case, then…thanks?

I actually like this version better. “Losing My Religion” falls into the “A Cappella Killed This Song for Me” category. Yup, my group used to sing it, and I got tired of it. I actually like it better in a minor key. It could be a TV theme song now!

Another week, another podcast. A guy could get used to this! Last Sunday, I was invited back to the Cold Slither Podcast to talk about breakfast cereal. As always, it was a great time, and you can listen to it here.

I didn’t blog this week, so here are some posts that I enjoyed:

What Happened to My Childhood (Toys)? -Underscoop Voltron member Joe discusses how he get back into collecting toys. This seems to be a going theme over there lately, and I’m loving these posts!

Has Pitbull Ever Actually Had Sex? A Scientific Investigation – the folks over at Popdust dissect Pitbull’s lyrics to determine whether or not he has actually had sex. Hint: signs point to No.

This Week’s eBay Auctions

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08th Feb2013

West Week Ever – 2/8/13

by Will


We’ve rearranged the deck chairs around here, so let’s see if it takes. Just thought it was time for a bit of a change. It’s amazing what you can do when you actually pay for a theme!

Blogger’s Rule #37: The posts you loved writing most are the ones that won’t find their audience. You guys missed out on some good shit this week. Anydangways…


photo courtesy morphinlegacy.com

Power Rangers Megaforce, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise, premiered last Saturday. I think I channeled all my Rangerthusiasm into that Dairanger post, so I don’t feel like gushing over it. Typically, when I write one of those posts at the start of a season, I end up disappointed. I gushed like Hell over Samurai, and it wasn’t even in the top 10 seasons of the show. For now, let’s just say that I liked the nostalgic touches: they take orders from a giant head on a wall, there’s a new Ernie (who’s Asian and runs a smoothie shop in the mall), and I liked that Pink Ranger/Emma’s final line in the episode is the same final line uttered by Kimberly in the very first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I also really like the suits: they’re the perfect synthesis of Power Rangers meets Disney Prince. Very regal. From just one episode, I think it’s gonna be a good season. I don’t get that impression, though, whenever I’m on Twitter; as great as this season may or may not be, everyone else is focused on next season, when this is supposed to happen:

legend war

photo from morphinlegacy.com

One last Power Rangers thing before we move on: do you know that, in 20 years, there’s never been a black Pink Ranger? I have this theory, somewhat backed by most seasons of the franchise: when casting seasons with more than one female Ranger, once they narrow down the female choices, Yellow is the runner up’s prize. She’s the actress who simply wasn’t as pretty as the one they eventually chose for Pink (see MMPR, ZEO, Turbo, In Space, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, and SPD). Sure, beauty is subjective, but the more “all American” ideal of beauty tends to win out. You hear stories like, “Well, I went in to read for Pink and ended up with Yellow.” Plus, there was a whole controversy while casting Megaforce because a black actress posted online that she was told “We already have our black Ranger for this season.” I guess they met their quota. So, what’s Saban trying to say about black women?


After 2 episodes, I’m enjoying The Americans, but I’m not sure I want a whole series out of it. I mean, they’re already asking a lot by expecting the viewer to root for the Russians. Sure, if you hated Reagan, it’s easy, but it’s still a stretch. Plus, the idea of following them as they evade their FBI neighbor for the next 4-5 seasons just exhausts me. I feel like that whole neighbor macguffin should’ve come later in the series. If not, at least later in the season. Don’t introduce that in the pilot. Anyway, the ratings from this week were pretty bad, so they better have a plan B in case this has to wrap up in 13 episodes.



Last week, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Traumatic Cinematic Show, where we sort of contributed a commentary track to Black Dynamite. It was tons of fun, and I’ll be sure to post the link when the show goes live.

One last thing…

You thought it was over. I made you think it was dead. I allowed you to become complacent. I watched as you heaped high praise on others. I even watched as you forgot about Dre. Did you think I was blind to your tweets? Did you think me deaf to your podcast plugs? Well, I’m here to tell you that I am BACK and it’s WONDERFUL! That’s right, Will’s World of Wonder HAS RETURNED! Oh, you have no clue what’s in store for you! You can’t even handle all the awesome shit that’s gonna make your wallet look like Starvin’ Marvin! New toys, vintage toys, graphic novels, even DVDs! I’m talking Star Wars, Transformers, DC Universe, Marvel Legends, Power Rangers, and more! And remember that long ass URL? Well, no more! You can get your fix at WillsWonders.com. It’s coming back in full force. The tweets will be back. The shameless pimping will be back. If you’ve never bought from me before, you will. If you have bought from me, you’ll be back. I guaran-damn-tee that. There’s more than one game in town, and I’m gonna make damn sure you NEVER forget that again! *drops mic, walks off browser*


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01st Feb2013

West Week Ever – 2/1/13

by Will


This one is hard for me. West Week Ever started out as the weekly spot for me to not only ramble about pop culture, but also really delve into the “science” of social media. That’s never been truer than today. You see, this week I found out that I lost a dear friend. The problem, however, is that I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. You see, I’d never actually met this person. This was an online friendship. However, it was deep enough that it taught me that you can have actual, meaningful connections with people you’ve never met. It was my first such friendship, and it paved the way for a lot of the connections I have online today.

I’ve mentioned this person in the past. Back when I did Follow Friday, I was known to refer to her as “my favorite woman on Twitter” (it was cool – my wife didn’t tweet much at the time). It’s funny – when she first followed me, I thought she was spam. Non-descript avatar, seemed to be following a shit ton of people. Unlike a lot of people, I’m not waging a war against spammers, so I just let her be. Then, we actually started to interact. She was in grad school, while also working as a nanny. She loved that job and was always referring to her “girls”, like they were her own kids. She was curious about life and LOVED to dance. She fell in love, and shared her joy with me. When she dealt with something I had experienced, she came to me for advice. She was one of the first people to know about my engagement. She actually downloaded my a cappella mp3s from my college days, and was probably my biggest (and last remaining) fan. As sweet as she was, you’d never know about the things she had going on in her life. Eventually, because of those things, she kinda left the online world behind her.

Around the end of the holiday season, I started thinking about her. I remembered she didn’t celebrate Christmas (non-Jewish white girl, not celebrating Christmas? You’re missing out!), and that was always quaint, yet weird, to me. I remembered her last email to me, right after my engagement. It ended in sort of an ominous way. You know how when a TV show has a finale that’s not really advertised as a finale? Well, it was like that. She was going through her stuff, and I had a wedding to make happen, so I let it simmer. This was around the same time that Catfish on MTV was gaining traction, and while everyone online had jokes like, “Haven’t these people ever heard of Google?”, I started to wonder myself: was this friendship real? Was this person real? I had done my due diligence, so I managed to tuck it in the back of my head, and go on with life. So, when the holidays rolled around, I thought it would be a good time to check in. And that’s when I knew something was wrong.

Minutes after I emailed her, I got an auto response telling me that all inquiries about her should be forwarded to her sister, and it listed her email address. Whatever was happening here, I knew it couldn’t be good. Had something returned from her past? Was I really being  “catfished” and this person was simply tired of the charade and was ready to come clean? I wasn’t sure. I simply forwarded it to her sister, prefacing it with an explanation of how I knew her. And then I didn’t hear back. Until yesterday. In the middle of a work meeting, I saw that I had an email, and I knew who it was from when I saw the subject line. Something told me not to deal with it then. It would be there when the meeting was done. And I managed to stick to that for most of the meeting. Then, my mind began to wander and I gave in. After the first line, I wished I had waited.

The reply was from my friend’s sister. She was telling me that my friend had actually passed away back in July, from an aneurysm. I don’t get into this with many people, but there’s actually one thing off limits to me when it comes to joking around: aneurysms. It might seem like an odd thing to have off limits, but there’s a reason for it. You see, when I was 3 years old, my dad died from an aneurysm. Not only did that cause pain at a young age, and lead me to grow up without a father, but aneurysms have served as a sort of biological boogeyman ever since. You don’t know how you get them. You can just be living your life and BAM. And that’s what happened here. She had returned home from school, was getting ready to face the world as a grown up, and it all ended in an instant. So, as for my life’s scorecard, Will: 0, Aneurysms: 2. That’s two people who were very important to me, yet I didn’t know all that well, taken by aneurysms.

Again, this is a weird place for me. I’m not new to death. I was raised by the Black Golden Girls. Some random Alabama cousin dies every month. I’ve probably been to more funerals than birthday parties. It’s just amazing that someone you’ve never met can have that kind of effect on you. Before her, I was mainly following comic blogs, and not really interacting on Twitter. I really considered her a friend, as I consider many of you. You may see me as the obnoxious guy, telling bad jokes all the time, but I do it for you. I’m just the insecure guy trying to impress his friends in the lunchroom. It’s just that our lunchroom is digital. Whenever I think back to how stupid it might seem to worry about losing followers and whatnot, I think about situations like this and realize that many of you are so much more to me than that. And while that may seem sad, it’s the future. I know because AT&T commercials have been selling that dream for 20 years. Anyway, there’s no real conclusion to that. I just had to get it out. Maybe some of you will feel it’s a bit much, but I hope that maybe some of you can relate.



OK, so I was also invited to participate in UnderScoopFire’s list of The 50 Funniest Women of All Time. This was harder than you’d think, and I even had to poll Lindsay for her opinions. Basically, each of us submitted our Top 25, and then Howie Decker used his trusted methodology to compile the list. At the outset, it was never meant to be a DEFINITIVE list. Anyone who’s been on the Internet for a week knows that these are great for generating discussion. Still, some folks on Twitter were all “Fuck yo’ methodology” and “Where’s Megan Mullally?” I don’t wanna sell out the system because I like how USF’s lists are done. All I can really explain is my thinking on the matter.

First off, Sarah Beattie is an actual comedy writer, so even if I disagree, I defer to the pro. That said, I feel the need to bring up something I discussed with Howie. This was a really hard list to make because you have to be honest with yourself and ask “Do I really think she’s funny OR do I just think she’s hot?” Yeah, this may seem crass and sexist, but it’s an important aspect of comedy to recognize. This list wasn’t limited to the world of standup, but let’s just look at that subset for a bit. Male comics aren’t hot. They’re typically shlubby, balding and/or insecure. Dane Cook was the first, modern-day standup heart throb, which I think is the source of a lot of the ire directed at him. Sure, he’s not the strongest comic, but I think guys in the audience never felt threatened by comics until him. With Dane,  here was a guy who could easily fuck their girlfriends. That’s threatening. Now there’s the flip side. There’s an up and coming crop of SMOKING female comics. This isn’t to say they’re all not funny, but it does mean they bring something extra to the plate to compensate for weaker humor, if needed. I think they use their looks as a crutch. Take Amy Schumer. She’s cute and witty, and she’s studied every rape joke that Sarah Silverman has ever written. Still, she’s too green to be on a list of the BEST OF ALL TIME.

To me, a few people on this list haven’t paid their dues enough to be here. Along with Schumer, that includes Plaza (she’s one of the Best of Right Now, but time will tell), Farris (she plays dumb girl roles, not funny girl), Fisher (she married a funny guy), Schaal/Lynch (future Hall of Famers, but not there yet), and McCarthy (still coasting off that ONE good Bridesmaids performance). And that’s not even taking into account the people I just never found funny; I can still recognize their contributions to the “art”. So, that’s the beauty of democracy: everyone gets a voice, but not everybody “wins”. Still, I was honored to have been chosen, and I just wanted to shed a little light on my thoughts of the final tally.

Before I go, HUGE shout-out to my man @RobotsPJs who hooked me up with some Hostess goodness. Be sure to check out his Snack Reports over at The Robots Pajamas!

This Week’s Post:

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25th Jan2013

West Week Ever – 1/25/12

by Will


This has been an interesting week. It didn’t start off all that great, but it has pulled into the station nicely. I was kinda down in the dumps, as I did my quarterly Google Analytics check, and I didn’t like what I saw. Honestly, the stats weren’t that bad. What bothered me most is the number of clicks I get from tweeted links. I have over 700 followers, and tweet each link 2-3 times, yet I’m only getting clicks from about 1% of those people. There’s something wrong there. Add to it that some assclown called me “unrepentantly negative” in the comments section of a friend’s blog. What bothered me most, though, was that this guy also said that he was disappointed that my friend had been retweeting me as a “key source of opinions”. I don’t think of myself as negative, even if I say a lot of negative things. I just can’t lie about shit when it’s shit. In the world of mainstream comics, there’s a LOT of shit these days. Sadly, there are too many old farts who think that things are gonna return to the way they were when they bought comics down at the drug store for a shiny dime. The business has changed.  So, I’ve lost some followers and been branded for all of that. Anyway, it was all somewhat sobering. Maybe my shit does stink. Who knows? As the week wore on, some great folks on Twitter reached out to me, and things picked up as the week went on.


Wednesday, I was invited back on the UnderScoopFIRE! Podcast, where we played 80s trivia game What’s The Scoop? Hosted by Howie “Dick” Decker, I played against Jaime from Shezcrafti.com and Corey Chapman, producer of the USF podcast. Oh, and did I mention I won? I’m honestly not boasting, as I missed a lot of answers that I’m gonna get shit for from Twitter friends. Sorry, never seen Airwolf; we all have our pop culture blind spots. Anyway, you can give it a listen here, and the link will be added to the Podcast Sidebar. Btw, at the end of the show, I mentioned a new URL for Will’s World of Wonder. I must’ve been drunk, ’cause I surely do not own WillsWorld.com. So, carry on with the old info.

A few weeks back, my Twitter pal @Kap_L had a quick contest where he would draw the character of your choice if you were the first to respond to his call-out. I won, and requested Batman. At the time, I had no idea how talented he was. I just wanted a Batman. Then, this came in the mail last week:

2013-01-25 07.29.49

Just as amazing was the artwork on the envelope.

2013-01-25 07.30.01

2013-01-25 07.30.19

Anyway, Kap’s definitely a cool dude and this is a nice addition to my collection.

I also happened to find the latest series of the LEGO Minifigures collection. I ended up with doubles and took to Twitter to find someone who might want to trade. Well, @Dex1138 stepped up and had the Hamlet/Actor that I needed. When the package arrived, it included so much more!

2013-01-25 07.33.12

There were magnets of my initials, as well as vintage trading cards. It was such a nice surprise, and you should definitely check out his site, AEIOU…and Sometimes Why!

If I’d been down early in the week, my spirits were lifted due to the reaction of the one post I did write this week: 1 Broke Plot: How 2 Broke Girls Shortened Its Lifespan. It began as a Twitter conversation, and was going to end up as a bulletpoint in this edition of West Week Ever. After a bout of insomnia, it turned into a full-blown post. Not only did folks I know seem to dig it, but I also managed to get it in front of a few media types, like USA Today’s Brian Truitt, the folks at This Was Television, and Josef Adalian from TV Week. If you haven’t read it, please do so. Even if you don’t like 2 Broke Girls, it’s still good discussion for anyone who likes the television medium.

Since I didn’t write much this week, here are a few posts written by others that I enjoyed:

Mer-Man Is Gonna Be My Gateway Drug – Howie Decker’s heartfelt account of how he got back into toy collecting, and the flood of memories and emotions that resulted.

Black Presidents – As we celebrate the 2nd term of Barack Obama, Classick Materia looks back on the history of black presidents in media, and asks “Who was the best?”

Snack Report: Hostess Orange Cupcakes – Vincent dips into his fabled Hostess war chest to review my favorite of the Hostess empire, the Orange Cupcake.

Doing More Things: My First Time Ice Skating – Last, but not least, my wife and I went ice skating last weekend. It was her first time, yet she skated circles around me. I fell. Twice. There are lots of pics of me holding onto walls!

Well, that about does it here. Tune in Monday, as you’ll never believe the Thrift Justice I have lined up!

18th Jan2013

West Week Ever – 1/18/13

by Will


So, a few weeks back I posted  the “best of” clip that had been making the rounds, but someone finally posted the entire Jamie Kennedy-hosted KDOC New Years Eve special. Seeing it in its entirety, I think the editing of that clip really contributed to its “trainwreck” status. When watched as a whole, it’s not THAT bad. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not great television, but it’s kinda what you’d expect from a UHF channel with no budget. It’s clearly a giant commercial for Carl’s Jr, but outside of a few technical difficulties, it’s really just marred by F-List celebrity appearances. I mean, when was the last time Shannon Elizabeth was relevant? I’ll say, however, that the musical performances were actually kinda good. Macy Gray really delivers during her set, and that’s not something I ever thought I’d say. And Bone Thugs just seemed happy that someone wanted them to perform somewhere. Sure, no one was manning the censors, but that was hardly the end of the world, as no one was watching this thing unless it was on in a hospital waiting room and folks had lost the remote. The worst part, honestly, is a tie: the skits promoting the Commerce Casino were lacking until the very last one AND they seemed to seek out REALLY HOT representatives for their causes who neither have a grasp on the English language, nor do they seem comfortable on television. Based on how we report these things, it’ll go down in history as THE WORST NEW YEARS SPECIAL EVAR!!! but I think folks were being unfair. I was going to post the link to the full thing, but it’s been snatched again. Womp womp.


Because I tend to lag behind the rest of the world (I hate hype, so if you tell me something’s good, I’ll do my best to avoid it), I finally sat down and watched the UK version of The Office. I went into this expecting to hate it, as Ricky Gervais has simply evolved into such an unlikable character in recent years, but I really enjoyed it. I’ve said it before, but I’m always amazed how UK shows manage to make you care about characters and story in a mere 6-10 episodes per season. Cable’s getting better at it, but you walk away from UK shows thinking, “Wow, was that really only 6 episodes?!” There are also different forces at work, though. The US likes to milk a concept for as long as possible, while UK likes to stop while they’re ahead. Also, there’s the business angle: US have to attract advertisers, while the BBC is publicly funded. 22 episodes of How I Met Your Mother would be a lot more exposure for Olive Garden than 6 episodes.

That UK model really comes across here – 12 episodes and a special were ENOUGH. I think of all the obstacles and foolishness we had to endure for Jim & Pam, when Tim & Dawn’s courtship was paced perfectly. We didn’t need to see their wedding, or babies, or Dawn trying her hand at sales. Gareth doesn’t devolve into the cartoon that is Dwight Schrute. The Michael/Toby animosity is more logically replaced by David/Neil. Speaking of David Brent, who decided that Steve Carell was the one to play that role? Michael Scott has heart, and the first few seasons show that he simply didn’t know he shouldn’t say certain things. David Brent, however, is self-centered and insecure. He’s slightly deluded, and somewhat malicious in the attempt to “fake it until he makes it”. Michael Scott is more akin to Sheldon Cooper while David Brent is George Costanza. The thing is George Costanza was never a leader, so you begin to fear for what’s going to happen under Brent’s leadership, especially as he continues to delude himself even more. Once you get to the Christmas special, you’re starting to think “He’s going to kill himself before this is all over.” Anyway, the series leaves you wanting more, while respecting your intelligence enough to know that you don’t need more.



This week, I also found myself watching good night, and good luck. I used to be a whore about Hollywood Video’s used DVD sales, so I’ve owned this thing for years, but never sat down to watch it. I remember all the awards buzz for it, but I was greatly disappointed. First off, the forced black & white didn’t really fit because it was a post-production effect. Also, it’s sad, but I sat there thinking “Mad Men does a much better job at capturing this era.” I think my main problem, though, is that I just can’t really wrap my head around McCarthyism. It really seems like one of those things you had to live through to understand. As I said on Twitter, it really seems like, for one brief moment in time,  certain white people understood the fear inherent in “passing”.



I recently discovered Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing radio show. He has some really great discussions with people you don’t always get to hear in this format. So far, I’ve listened to his interviews with Judd Apatow, Chris Rock, Billy Joel, and SNL writer Paula Pell. They’re not all promoting something, so it allows for a good chat about anything and everything. Baldwin’s surprisingly good in the host chair, but he has a tendency to interrupt guests. I don’t have too much of an issue with it, as I’ve heard podcasts do a worse job of that. I’ll say the biggest issue is that the show lengths are inconsistent, and then endings just sneak up on you. Some episodes don’t come to a natural coda in the conversation. It could just as easily be going to commercial, but it’s actually the end of the show. You’re left thinking, “Is that it?”, but I guess it’s a good thing if you wanted more.


I love Happy Endings, and it needs your help, but we’re not going to talk about that now. No, I want you to know about the other best show you’re not watching (because the folks scheduling TBS are drunk), Wedding Band. Starring David Silver and the black guy from Lost, it’s a comedy about a wedding band called “Mother of the Bride”. David Silver is the womanizer, Lost black dude is the black womanizer, who’s also a session musician for real artists, there’s a fake Jack Black, and a milquetoast (that word’s not used nearly enough anymore). They work for Jan Levenson-Gould (who doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her cougar status), who runs a big time party planning operation. So, every episode features the band getting more involved than they should in the lives of the people they’re playing for, meanwhile trying to pull off some caper behind Jan’s back, and David Silver typically bangs the hottest guest star of the episode. The humor is kinda sophomoric, but it still has heart. Also, the band puts their own spin on popular hits that you’re familiar with (that are also available on iTunes). My biggest problem, as mentioned before, is the scheduling aspect. TBS airs new episodes on Saturday at 10 PM. The core audience of this show ain’t watching Saturday at 10 PM! That’s like if BET aired new episodes of The Game Sundays at 11 AM. Hell, I love this show, and I’ve gone three weeks entirely forgetting that it’s on. Sure, I can set a “season pass” on the DVR, but I was born when Reagan was in the White House. I’m used to hitting Record 15 seconds into a show. I’m just old fashioned like that. Anyway, the season finale airs tomorrow night, and I hope it’s done well enough that it gets a season 2.

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11th Jan2013

West Week Ever – 1/11/13

by Will


So, I’m really into this app called Pocket (Formerly Read It Later). Yeah, you have to put in the parenthetical part, kinda like “Millionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne” or “The Artist Formerly Known As Mousecop”. Anyway, it allows you to save links for articles you’d like to read at a later date. The problem with the app, however, is that I never actually go back and read anything. I wanted to make a dent in the backlog over winter break, but I didn’t get very far. So, as I clear out the inventory, I’ll be sharing some of the most interesting stuff with you. Be warned: I’ve been using the app since July, so you’ve probably seen some of these already.



I’ve always been fascinated by Scientology. It’s shrouded in so much secrecy, which only make me more curious. Unlike most people, I really try not to bash it because it’s really no crazier than most organized religions. And I say that as a practicing Christian. EVERY dogma requires you to sign on for some crazy shit. That’s where “Faith” comes in, and all that jazz. We’re all just trying to get through life the best way we can. Anyway, if you’ve ever been curious about Scientology, this is the BEST series I’ve ever read. It’s a 6-part essay written by a woman who was raised in, and later left, the church. If you’re just thinking, “Fuck them and their alien shit”, this isn’t the post for you. Skip to the next paragraph. However, if you have a genuine interest, click through as it’s a quick and engaging read.

I’m not even a Doctor Who fan, but I did get a kick out of Inspector Spacetime on Community. Well, as some of you may know, the guy who portrayed The Inspector used Kickstarter to fund a web series. So as to avoid litigation, the show is called Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, and you can start watching the 6-episode first season here.


Darius Rucker on Hootie and The Blowfish and his country career: “I think if we came out today, we would have to change the instrumentation on a few songs and rewrite a few songs,” he says.” We’d have to be a country band today. I thought we were as close to country music as you could be then. That’s why I thought when I started doing my country records that I wasn’t doing anything different.” I’ve been saying that last part the WHOLE TIME. He’s ALWAYS been country. (courtesy of Billboard). I like to think if I ever got famous, Darius and I would golf together, on courses where we shouldn’t be allowed to play.

Rachel Feinstein is my new comedic guilty pleasure, as she’s been cohosting mornings on Raw Dog Comedy. She’s a local girl, hailing from Bethesda, MD, but you may have seen her on Last Comic Standing. Anyway, she kinda reminds me of someone I used to know.

I’ve mentioned my disdain for the ending of Y: The Last Man, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the majority of the series. Compound that with the fact that I tend to HATE fan films, as their production values tend to be shit. That said, I would watch the fuck out of this movie.  Black men will recognize the lead Amazon (gang leader, not the mousy one) as Vida Guerra – the chick whose ass kept King Magazine in business.



I said it was coming, and it’s here: I was invited to join @TimDogg98 of The Kliqnation and @ClassickMateria of The Cold Slither Podcast to discuss the events in Amazing Spider-Man #700. You can listen here, plus the link will be posted in the sidebar with the rest of my podcast appearances.

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04th Jan2013

West Week Ever – 1/4/13

by Will


I put all my thoughts and whatnot into yesterday’s post, so sit back for a mostly video post. If your job blocks YouTube, well, you’re out of luck. Read it when ya get home!

I guess they stopped stealing sunshine, because skin cancer. Well, Len’s back and singing about the joys of Toronto. The intro to this video is begging to be sent back in time and appended to the opening credits of an 80s sitcom. The rest of the video looks like some newsteam commissioned the song to make it look like they’re really all about the local community. Anyway, give it a glance:


This clip could be pulled by the time you read this, as the station is yanked all the footage. Here’s the deal: some independent LA channel hired Jamie Kennedy to host a New Year’s Ever special, which was clearly just a way to sell more ad time to Carls Jr. Anyway, the production values were terrible, the biggest stars were Shannon Elizabeth and Bone Thugs & Harmony. Nobody knew to bleep anything, so EVERYTHING was going out live. Oh, and the special ended with an onstage fight between partiers. Click it fast, ’cause it may not be here tomorrow:

I’ve really liked Jamie Kennedy ever since I read his autobiography. Sure, he’s not known for many successes, but he got a pacemaker at 19! Shit is crazy! And he seems like a normal, insecure, yet likable, guy.

I’m more excited for this than I have any right to be. Full disclosure: one of my favorite movie scenes in the last 15 years was the Stars of the WB (and Topher) poker game from Ocean’s Eleven. I really like when the 4th wall is broken, and I’m intrigued by which actors interact with each other, and what happens when they get together. Had they been playing characters in this movie, I probably wouldn’t care as much. I mean, I hate “end of the world” shit. However, the fact that they’re playing parodies of themselves, riffing on each other – that’s GOLD. Unless you’re one of those people who hates everyone in it. Fine, I’ll give ya Rogen and Hill, but everyone loves Robinson and Franco. EVERYONE!


I totally stole this from Jaime over at Shezcrafti.com, but I hope she won’t mind. This is AMAZING! I demand a full season an Adult Swim cartoon based on this.


This was awesome to me. I was a musical theatre kid, and I obsessed over Les Miz years before I finally saw it in London. Anyway, while there was singing at my wedding, I kinda wish we’d done this. Here’s my issue with it: roughly 3/5 of the guests were in on this. I’d have felt like shit if I attended that wedding and I was in the other 2/5. Sure, I’d hesitantly applaud, but I’d be all in my feelings, wondering, “What’s wrong with MY voice?”:


This is kinda cool. Just watch:

I think my favorite part of that whole video is seeing “Winston” plastered over everything. Man, to live in a world where all your entertainment was sponsored by either cigarettes or soap!

Anyway, that does it for this week. I’d remind you to enter Geeks For Tots, but I don’t even know what’s going on over there. I think it’s over. I dunno. You can still funnel money into my venture, Will’s World of Wonder!

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28th Dec2012

West Week Ever – 12/28/12

by Will



I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna post this week, but here I am – one year older, but not much wiser.

2012-12-26 16.53.39

Santa was good to me, as you can see.  No, I’m not crazy – “Santa” was ME. I found all these in the days just before Christmas and my birthday, and Lindsay wrapped them for me.

2012-12-26 16.56.46

She got me these items, as well as some nice and well-needed clothes. And please don’t start with the “Why didn’t you get the Blu Ray?” I’m not ready to upgrade my entire collection just yet. I wanted to keep things consistent!

2012-12-26 22.47.12

I also bought my first Transformer at retail in I don’t know how long. He just looked cool, and since I got his “predecessor” recently, I felt like this was a proper bookend piece.

Speaking of Santa, I’ve been thinking a lot about Die Hard. At the time of the first movie, Lucy and John Jr are still the right age to be doing the Santa thing. Now, if that’s the case, the Christmas depicted in the first movie would mean the jig was up. I mean, I’m sure they were glad their parents weren’t dead, but I’ll bet they also really wanted one of those Nintendos everyone was talking about. I’ve wondered before: at what point do the McClanes just stop celebrating holidays?

Ever notice how so many aspects of Christmas sound like drugs? “Yo man – I got that Kris Kringle, I got that Rudolph. You got the cash, I got that Good King Wenceslas!”

Got this from a Google+ pal (see, it IS good for something!): If you’re in the PA area, you MUST check this place out! It looks so awesome.

I wanna talk about Will’s World of Wonder. Someone recently asked me if I’m “still doing that”. The short answer is “yes” (and they clearly haven’t been reading these posts, where I pimp the site on a weekly basis). This is gonna sound like sour grapes, but here it is: I’m still selling, just as actively as ever. I just got tired of the hustle, especially when it wasn’t getting me anywhere. I currently sell on the site, Craigslist, and eBay. I made the decision to stop posting links on Twitter because it was really just spam. Twitter makes up almost none of my customer base. Plus, I felt like no one on there wanted what I was selling. I speak better in analogies: I’m Pepsi, but everyone keeps raving about how great Coke is – to my face, even. So, why continue the Cola War when I could just be Dr. Pepper? So, the store is still going strong, but at this point I figure everyone knows where it is and to check it at their leisure. And if you read West Week Ever, then you can always take the link at the bottom as your cue to check in and see what’s new.

Speaking of Cola Wars, I was recently introduced to Sarsi, which is a Coke product that’s essentially Filipino root beer. I have a Filipino godson, and his family is constantly introducing me to stuff I never dreamt I’d consume. Sarsi smells like licorice, which I hate, but tastes so much better. It’s like the Scotch of soda – you don’t guzzle it, but sip it. Nurse it. Think back to days gone by.

Last night, I had the pleasure of joining TimDogg98 and ClassickMateria for a Comic Book Chronicles episode of the Kliqnation Podcast. I’ll post a link when it goes live, but I’ll give ya a teaser: we discussed comics. What, you want more? Fine, more specifically, we discussed Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the events within. It was a great time, so I hope you’ll check it out.

Anyway, that does it for this week. Oh yeah, since the world was supposed to end last week, could we refer to every event going forward as “Post Crisis” now? No? OK. See ya in 2013!

21st Dec2012

West Week Ever – 12/21/12

by Will

oie_922142seDasWF9 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And I don’t know what I want. I’ve become a hard person to shop for, as I tend to just buy what I want, or I want something that’s really obscure. Right now, I’m working on a long-term project I’ll tell you about one of these days. If anything, I’d ask for stuff to help that out, but again, it’s really only the kind of thing I can do myself. Ooohh…vague!

I am so NOT in a Christmas mood. Between all the stuff in the world, and the fact that I feel like I just took down the last Christmas tree, the season just kinda snuck up on me. Anyway, I got awesome holiday cards from the folks at UnderScoopFire and from Claymation Werewolf, which helped to move me towards the Christmas mood.

Earlier this week, I professed my love for SiriusXM. On that note, two songs stood out to me as the Best of the Week: Courtesy of 70s 0n 7, here’s “The Best Disco In Town”, by The Ritchie Family. More than a medley, but not quite a mashup – this song perfectly captures every hit of the era.  

Here we have the SiriusXM exclusive of Colbie Caillat’s cover/mashup of The Script’s “Breakeven” and Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”. I’ve always felt that Colbie doesn’t get enough credit. She’s cute and talented, but she’s always on the periphery, like some kind of surf bunny Jack Johnson.

I made the mistake of jumping from the middle of Burn Notice season 2 to tonight’s 6th season finale, and I didn’t have a clue what the Hell was going on. When did the halfy from Third Watch join the team? I guess I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Gotta say, this whole “Miami A-Team” routine has really aged the group, especially Michael. Even his voiceovers sound old and tired. He’s starting to look like someone’s fit dad. Anyway, WHAT THE HELL DID MICHAEL DO?!!! I have to wait until summer?! olivia It turns out Pawn Stars fired Olivia because she used to be a Suicide Girl. Apparently, she used to be called Belladonna Suicide. There also happens to be a hardcore porn star named Belladonna. I swear, I have never had so much trouble finding porn online in my life. Anyway, I’m not surprised. I mean, she kinda had a stripper vibe to her, and they are in Vegas. To be honest, Suicide Girls is a little higher an echelon than I expected for her. I mean, it’s not like SG has a mansion, but they all have that “I’m a 25 year old Women’s Studies major (when I’m not working at Color Me Mine) because I took time off to travel with my boyfriend’s band” vibe to them. She doesn’t really exude that energy to me.


While I write this, I’m also catching up on my backlog of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes. I haven’t really mentioned it, but I LOVE that show. Am I the only one who wants to hug Mikey whenever he’s onscreen? To be honest, up top I said I didn’t want anything for Christmas, but I want those friggin’ action figures. Foolish me thought they’d be around forever, and now they’re harder to get than plutonium. I did, however, luck into 2 of the Classics the other day, but Lindsay’s making me wait til Christmas to open them. Plus, they’re my two least favorite Turtles (Raph & Leo). Anyway, if you’d told me 20 yrs ago that I’d be asking for Ninja Turtles for my 31st birthday, I’d probably want to high five my future self. Young Me was too foolish to know how sad this is.

Did you donate to Toys for Tots this year? If so, don’t forget to enter Geeks for Tots. Funny story: I donated but forgot to take a picture.  It didn’t really seem appropriate, being a sponsor and all. Plus, the setting wasn’t right. Ya see, instead of a dropbox, I had a different scenario: a good friend of mine threw a birthday party for his son. Since the kid wants for nothing, they asked that we bring something to donate to Toys for Tots. Little did we know that 2 Marines would actually show up to dine with us and pick up the toys. It was a pretty cool event, but it meant no pic of me dropping an Elmo into a giant giftwrapped box. Yes, we got an Elmo. It wasn’t his fault! He thought Kevin was just hugging those boys!

Anyway, I hope y’all have a Merry Christmas/scrumptious Chinese food dinner, and don’t forget to read this week’s posts:

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14th Dec2012

West Week Ever – 12/14/12

by Will


So, I can’t say this has truly been the WEST week ever. Last week was good, so I guess I had this coming. I’m just not “feeling” the internet right now. Between all the Gail Simone bullshit, and the endless speculation over things that are 1-2 years away, it just gets tiring. Plus, I’m slipping into my whole “Why do I do this?” thing again. I mean, seriously, I could switch to only doing Thrift Justice posts, and I’d probably be more popular. We don’t do this for “fame”, but I kinda wish I got more out of it. I’m not entirely sure what I want, but this ain’t it. I don’t get invited  to the reindeer games of the blogging world. Starting to think I need a team or an umbrella under which to do things. Just sorta tired of feeling like it’s Me Against the Net, in a battle that only I’m aware of. Anyway, the show must go on, and all that jazz!


Here’s something cool I found the other day:

Apparently, Pentatonix won the 3rd season of The Sing Off. I totally forgot there was a 3rd season. Anyway, that was pretty cool. Nice to see they pulled it off. Back in college, there was a 6-person coed group called RL Six (say it fast, and you’ll get the “joke”), and the rest of us swore that you couldn’t get a great sound from just 6 people. If you had 6 guys, sure. 6 girls, maybe. But a 6-person coed group would be missing too many voice parts. Pentatonix pull it off with 5, though the chick is probably the weakest member.


Any of you kids of the 80s/90s remember ProStars? It aired on NBC Saturday mornings for a season, and it featured Wayne Gretzky, Bo Jackson, and Michael Jordan as a team of heroes who always helped kids who were in trouble. Lately, I’ve been watching it on THIS is For Kids (THIS is a free digital subchannel that probably hangs out near whatever channel is The CW for you), and it’s a shame it didn’t last longer so we’d just see the wheels fall off that concept. I mean, from what we now know about Jordan, he was way too much of an asshole to be a part of such an enterprise. Seriously, the show includes pretaped vignettes where Bo or Wayne describe the day’s episode. There’s pretaped stock footage of Jordan, but he’s usually shooting a basketball or saying something like “Stay In School”. He couldn’t even be bothered to record pertinent interstitials! I’d love a followup special, as Bo currently Knows Anonymity, Gretzky’s hot daughter is more famous than he is, and Jordan would’ve lost all of the ProStars tech to pay off gambling debts. I’m not really a sports guy, and I already asked this on Twitter, but who would be on a present-day ProStars team?


Someone on Twitter recently said that, in Pokemon terms, Krysten Ritter was the evolved form of Zooey Deschanel. I kinda agree, but I think there’s more to it than that. Just like Pichu evolves into Pikachu who evolves into Raichu, Zooey evolves into Krysten, who then evolves into Lizzy Caplan. If you’re curious as to why, ask me in the comments…



OK, so WordPress is being all weird, so I’ll wrap things now. Before I go, don’t forget to enter Geeks For Tots!

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